Yawning and Other Monday Morning Activities

Yawning and Other Monday Morning Activities

That Monday morning fatigue is something we all deal with. Self-medicating with coffee is the first choice for millions of us and we know that Starbucks isn?t saying no to that prescription. Of course, coffee does have some great attributes. It has shown to improve mood and cognitive performance. On the other hand over consumption also is worth mentioning. Anxiety and an increased risk of headaches and inflammation are the negatives of regular coffee consumption.

So what can we do as an alternative to popping in another K-Cup? Part of the answer to that question is blood sugar levels. Slumps in blood sugar have been shown to affect mood and performance. So, to combat these slumps we should eat a balanced breakfast that includes adequate protein and carbs. Also, make sure to have healthy snacks, like almonds, on hand to keep your blood sugar from falling during those periods between larger meals.

Another great way to jump start the system is by taking hourly mini breaks if your work involves sitting for extended periods of time. For every hour sitting at the computer, take five minutes to get up to stretch and belly breathe. Slouching is very energy consuming and puts pressure on the vertebral discs.

Even though coffee will jump start your day, knowing there are other ways to rev up your system is a positive alternative to adding more stars to your Starbucks card.

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In health,Dr. Meghan Magner, DC


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