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Our Fairfax Chiropractor, Dr. Nicolas Jubert, is a professional focused on helping patients like YOU improve their quality of life. We take pride in being a leading chiropractor in the area and an NIH research center. Our goal is to make the people in our community healthier and happier.

Dr. Nicolas Jubert is trained to treat all types of muscle and joint problems. This includes pain in the back, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee, as well as headaches and migraines, sports injuries, and more.

We use modern, natural treatments like chiropractic adjustments, stretching, exercises, cupping, and other methods to help our patients. We have over 20 years of experience and we commit to providing you excellent care. We do this by following our core values: brilliance, teamwork, putting people first, determination, and passion.

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What does a chiropractor do?

We often hear the question, “What exactly does a chiropractor do?” To put it simply, we’re your partners in health. Our chiropractors are healthcare experts who are adept at diagnosing and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

We’re committed to using non-invasive chiropractors in Fairfax, VA. We provide hands-on techniques (like chiropractic adjustments or spinal adjustments) to realign your body, boost its functionality, and harness its innate healing abilities. Here in Fairfax, we strive to not only alleviate your pain but also enrich your overall well-being.

Can your Fairfax team help me?  

Our team of skilled chiropractors in Fairfax, VA is experienced in managing a broad spectrum of health conditions. Whether you’re dealing with back pain, neck pain, cervical herniated discs, headaches, sciatic or chronic pain, we’re here to help. We’re also proficient in addressing hip pain, neck pain, scoliosis pain, arthritis discomfort, and high blood pressure, and many other conditions.

We will work hard to get you feeling your best and back to doing what you love with overall improved health and wellness.

Fairfax Chiropractor teaching patient about the spine

Meet our Fairfax Chiropractic Treatment Team

Dr. Nicolas Jubert

Doctor of Chiropractic Clinic Director,- Fairfax Office


Dr. Nicolas Jubert, also known as Dr. Nico, is a licensed chiropractor with physical therapy and acupuncture privileges in Virginia…

Dana Edson

Chiropractic Care Assistant

Tara Fogle

Chiropractic Care Assistant

Jax Katalinas

Chiropractic Care Assistant

Courtney Gerrity

Chiropractic Care Assistant

Patient lying on a chiropractic table receiving a back adjustment at Kaizo Health Fairfax.

What to expect at your first visit?

When you step into our Fairfax Chiropractic Clinic for your initial appointment our team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation. We’ll review your medical history and take the time to understand your concerns thoroughly. Based on this understanding, we’ll devise an individualized chiropractic treatment plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and condition.

Your unique treatment plan will cater to your specific bodily needs and the type of pain or injury you’re experiencing. This approach ensures that you receive the safest and most effective form of treatment.

Our chiropractic team will then proceed with a series of personalized treatments, which may include manual spinal adjustments, soft tissue work, dry needling, or cupping, targeted to treat your specific injury and the surrounding muscles and tissues.

In addition, we’ll guide you through and prescribe rehabilitative exercises. These are specifically designed to strengthen your muscles and the areas around them.

Fairfax Chiropractic care + rehabilitation exercises

We stand by the idea that blending chiropractic treatment with rehabilitative exercises can work wonders. It’s this combo that tends to deliver optimal results and most successful outcomes for our patients, especially when it comes to tackling back pain, neck pain, and other muscle or joint issues.

This mix doesn’t just help with pain relief; it also helps patients maintain their progress. Our aim is to enhance the strength, flexibility, and mobility of the muscles tied to and surrounding the painful areas. This way, we can help stave off further or recurring injuries. Our mission is to dig deep, find the root cause of the problem, and correct it from the ground up.

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rehabilitative exercises as part of his chiropractic treatment in Fairfax

Supporting Spinal Health

At Kaizo Health, we truly believe we are your wellness partner through our supportive chiropractic care. We are dedicated to supporting your spinal health through personalized, non-invasive techniques. We believe in the power of manual adjustments to address misalignments, or subluxations, that can cause discomfort, limit your mobility, and impact your overall well-being. By restoring your spine’s natural alignment, we aim to relieve pressure on nerves, enhance nervous system function, and improve your quality of life. Our approach goes beyond just alleviating symptoms; we provide comprehensive guidance on posture, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments to help you maintain optimal spinal health and prevent future issues.

At Kaizo Health, we are committed to helping you achieve long-term wellness and a pain-free life.

Our team will help you take control of your life.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor sprain, needing basic spinal adjustments, post-op rehab, or if you simply want to improve your overall health and wellness our Fairfax team can help. Our main goal isn’t just to ease your pain; we also want to help you keep it at bay. To do this, our doctors carry out a detailed examination on your first visit. This way, we can evaluate and treat your body as a complete system.

Just a Few of the Conditions We Treat:

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Hip Pain

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What our Fairfax patients have to say

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Dr. Michaela and her team are awesome! The staff is super nice and professional. They have worked with me using different exercises and chiropractic care techniques to minimize my pain and help me build muscle. Dr. Michaela is the best and of all the Chiropractic offices I’ve been to, this is definitely the only one I’ve seen this much progress in.

– Sandra Bekhet

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Came in with lower back pain and the team set me up with a great variety of exercises as well as chiropractic adjustments and electrical stimulation to get my back to a better state. In the time I was rehabbing my lower back, I ended up spraining my ankle. The team and the doctor were very accommodating of this as they shifted the exercises to be ankle specific and also made chiropractic adjustments to the ankle. Everyone who works here is extremely welcoming and friendly! Super glad to have been a patient at Kaizo

– Daniel Ro

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Everyone was so amazing! They definitely improved and made my pregnancy 1000x better. Even being so considerate when I had to reschedule via text sometimes lol I looked forward to every single appointment and my body felt so much better.

I got so many compliments saying I didn’t move like a pregnant person haha, I owe that to Kaizo Health in Fairfax, Va.

– Cortney

Questions? We’ve got answers…

01. How much does a treatment cost?

The cost of chiropractic care can range depending on your situation. Kaizo Health in Fairfax accepts major insurances, personal injury and worker’s compensation claims. We will bill your health insurance and process the claims for you. You are responsible for paying your deductible or co-insurance if applicable.

Our Fairfax chiropractors also offer affordable medical self-pay plans. These are great if you do not have insurance or your insurance is not in-network. Chirohealth USA allows you to enroll yourself and anyone that lives in your household for $49 for one year.

02. Can I crack my own back or neck?

The short answer is “yes” and “no”. The difference between “self-cracking” and having a licensed, qualified Doctor of Chiropractic performing an adjustment are:

When you “self-crack,” you’re actually moving joints that are already flexible. They’re extra flexible because they’re trying to make up for other joints that are stuck or don’t move as much as they should. Chiropractors help fix those stuck joints, which can cause pain. “Self-cracking” might feel good for a bit, but the pain keeps coming back.

So, Yes, anyone can “self-crack” but do you want long lasting results? It would be best to consult the professionals.

03. How often can I get an adjustment? 

Most people start off with once or twice a week. Each individualized treatment plan is created based on the patient. The exact number of treatments might differ depending on the severity of pain or injury.

Treatments will decrease once a patient starts to see progress in their symptoms. Once a patient has completed all treatment appointments, they will receive another evaluation. If all areas of concern are better, then we will discharge the patient.

04. Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes, adjustments and treatments are safe, natural, effective forms of treatment. They treat various musculoskeletal pains and injury. All of our doctors are chiropractic professionals and have gone to chiropractic school. You can trust the Kaizo Health team and our chiropractic clinic with your health and helping your progress.

05. Do adjustments hurt?

For most patients, adjustments are painless. Many people report that they feel good following treatment. They describe a feeling of relief from the pain or tension. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, an adjustment is a great place to start.

Patients new to treatments, may stiffen or resist the adjustment. This can cause them to feel a small amount of discomfort. Once relax, they should not feel this discomfort during their adjustment.

06. Is an adjustment safe for my kid?

Yes, chiropractic treatments are safe for kids. Chiropractic care for kids is a natural and holistic way to help children relieve pain. Care can help treat conditions such as colic, breastfeeding problems, chronic headaches, chronic ear infections, constipation, sports injuries, and more.


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