YAHOO! Health Interviews Dr. Jay on Justin Bieber’s ‘Hickey’ Therapy!?!

YAHOO! Health Interviews Dr. Jay on Justin Bieber’s ‘Hickey’ Therapy!?!


Justin Bieber just made Graston Technique the new ?It treatment? amongst celebrities when he took to his Instagram of over 46.8 million followers to let the world know that the marks on his neck were not from hickeys but from his physical therapy ?treatment using Graston Technique.

While it may be all the buzz today, Graston Technique has been used for years by our doctors at Sport and Spine Rehab and is a frequently-used treatment for over 348 professional and amateur sports teams.? With social media just now catching on, YAHOO! Health consulted our very own CEO, Dr. Jay Greenstein for his expert opinion and experience treating hundreds of patients using Graston.

Here are some of the highlights of what Dr. Jay had to say in the full article.

?Greenstein explains the process this way: A lot of times when people have an acute injury or a chronic, repetitive stress injury, scar tissue can build up, causing pain, limited movement, and loss of flexibility. The pressure from the Graston Technique breaks up that scar tissue and helps to stimulate blood flow, which can help a patient heal.?

?Greenstein admits that it?s ?not the most comfortable experience,? adding, ?it?s definitely one of those situations where it?s no pain, no gain.?? However, he says a patient shouldn?t feel sore more than 24 hours after having the procedure done.?

?How much of the Graston Technique a patient will need depends on the location of their injury (it can be used all over the body) and what condition they?re suffering from, but Greenstein says people will typically see ?significant? results in six to 12 visits.?

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Read more of Dr. Jay?s comments in the full article, here.

Doctors at all 7 of our Sport and Spine Rehab locations are trained and certified in Graston Technique.?

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