“Thank You for Calling Sport and Spine Rehab!”

“Thank You for Calling Sport and Spine Rehab!”

Have you called one of our Sport and Spine Rehab clinics lately to make an appointment with your chiropractor or for physical therapy?

If you have you will have noticed that we changed the way we answer the phone!

And yes, unfortunately you reach a menu, but everybody has a menu now and we really want you to get to the person who will be able to help meet your needs as fast as possible.

So here is how it works:
If you are a new patient calling one of our clinics or a former patient and you want to make that initial or returning appointment – PRESS ONE.

You will be directed to one of our Patient Liaisons who will not only schedule your appointment, but will verify your benefits while they have you on the phone if possible. In addition they will send you your paperwork to save time on your first visit and let you know everything you need to make your visit to SSR a smooth one allowing you to focus on one thing, feeling better.

If you are calling one of our clinics to speak to the doctor or one of our team members – PRESS TWO. They can help you reschedule an appointment or answer any question related to your care.

If you are calling from a Physician?s Office, PRESS THREE and it will take you to a team who can schedule your patient or handle a referral question or need.

If you are a current or former patient and would like to speak to our Patient Services Center PRESS FOUR. Our team of Patient Advocates are working to insure all your claims are managed properly.

If you are calling from an attorney?s office ? PRESS FIVE for our Attorney Liaison.

So that?s it! Once you are with us your Patient Liaison will manage your benefits and authorizations if necessary and your Patient Advocates will work with your insurer to process your claims. And you will work with your clinic team to achieve the best results in making you happier and healthier!

Thanks from all of us at Sport and Spine Rehab!

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