Burn Fat With Density Circuits

Burn Fat With Density Circuits

What Are Density Circuits For Fat Burning?

Density circuits are a great way to burn fat and get a full-body workout when you are limited on time (20-40 minutes).

That’s because they target overall fitness, improve body composition, and increase work capacity in a short amount of time.

As with most types of circuit training, this style of training is designed for you to move through each working set as quickly as possible while maintaining proper form.

In other words, we are looking to complete each exercise in the density circuit in about 60-90 seconds.

Creating Your Fat Burning Density Circuit

When choosing exercises for a density circuit, you want to first make sure that you have proper form and can perform them safely.

That’s because we want to push the pace with each movement, which can add to the risk of injury.

Now lets look at what the density circuit is composed of, pick one of each:

  1. Explosive Movement
  2. Hip Dominant Movement
  3. Pushing Movement
  4. Pulling Movement
  5. Knee Dominant Movement
  6. Core Exercise
  7. Mobility Drill

If your goal is to increase muscle mass and burn fat, then a rep range between 8-10 reps for each exercise would be most appropriate.

The weight that you would choose would be right around your 10-12RM (repetition maximum) for that exercise.

If your goal is to focus on improving strength, then a rep range of 5 reps would be best.

Of course, you would need to figure out what your RM’s are prior to doing the density circuit. That’s when a little trial & error comes into place and we recommend you select a day or two before you start your first density circuit to figure that out.

Keeping The Goal Simple With Density Circuits

The goal of this type of circuit is very simple, complete the workout as fast as possible.

As a result, there are two ways to go about this:

  1. To complete a given amount of rounds and record the time or
  2. Set a time period and see how many rounds/sets you can accomplish

This makes it very easy to track progress by either trying to beat last weeks time or performing more rounds.[

Sample Fat Burning Density Circuit 

Perform either 4 Rounds of the following as fast as possible or set a time limit of 30 minutes and perform as many rounds as possible.

  1. KB Snatch: 5 reps/side
  2. Double KB RDL: 5 or 8 reps
  3. Alt. DB Bench Press: 5 or 8 reps/side
  4. TRX Row: 5 or 8 reps
  5. Double KB Front Squat: 5 or 8 reps
  6. Wide Stance Anti-Rotation Chop: 10 reps/side
  7. Alt. Spiderman Lunge: 5 reps/side

Need some more guidance? Check out the video demonstrations for each of these exercises:

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