Are Weak Glutes Causing Your Back Pain?

Are Weak Glutes Causing Your Back Pain?

Are Weak Glutes Causing Your Back Pain?

Back pain can have many different contributors. One major factor is weak glutes coupled with the failure to activate them at the right time.

Proper body mechanics and muscle activation are very important components in the prevention of low back pain.

You can have strong glutes, but without using them correctly low back pain can still be an issue.

Glute strengthening exercises and small mechanical changes can minimize pain!

What Are The Glutes?

The glutes are actually made up of three different muscles:


Largest and most superficial of the three
Responsible for hip extension with some external rotation


Located above but deep to the glute max.
Main job is to abduct the hip, which just means it pulls the leg away from your body out to your side


Similar job to gluteus medius, and is located just underneath it
Both the glute min and glute med provide stabilization for the hips as well

Why Do We Need Strong Glutes?

Many times when people go to pick up things, they tend to rely on their back too much. This will likely cause pain in the long run if not immediately. Instead of using our back, we have to engage our glutes when lifting something.

The 3 Best Ways To Improve Your Glutes!

Our Clinical Research Institute did the research and found these three exercises to be the best for increasing glute maximus and glute medius strength, while limiting activation of the TFL.*

*The TFL performs actions similar to the glute med and glute min, and can sometimes cause pain in the hips and/or knee.

1. Clamshells
(with and without resistance)
2. Running Man
Gluteus maximus exercise on the stability trainer
3. Glute Bride
(with resistance)
How To Engage Your Glutes:

Some good rules to follow are: have a staggered stance, maintain a straight spine, keep your chest up, and hinge at the hips.

Glute strengthening exercises like these, combined with proper body mechanics and muscle activation will give you the upper hand against back pain!

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