A Happier, Healthier Me: Week Forty Eight

A Happier, Healthier Me: Week Forty Eight

This is the holiday and the weekend where it all began??.


For two years I had maintained my weight consistently and then Thanksgiving 2013 rolled around.

My first challenge was Faye.

Faye is my mother in law. I love my mother in law. She is wonderful.

But she likes to feed me too. And when it?s your mother in law, saying no gets a little more complicated.

Kim?s family is from western Pennsylvania farm country, the Laurel Highlands they call it. They have something up there called the ?slop bucket? where you put all of what?s left on the table that you want to throw out but you don?t really want to throw out because the farm critters will eat it.

Problem is when I am up there that food never makes it to the farm critters because I become the slop bucket.

Faye: Curt there is some bread left, wouldn?t you like to have that?

Me: Ah no thanks I don?t think I could eat another bite (as she puts the bread on my plate)? well sure yeah that bread was really good, thank you.

Faye: You want some butter with your bread?

Me: No, I am good thank you, this is just fine like it is.

Faye: How about some corn, why don?t you finish that up, there is not much left?

Me: No, you know the bread is really going to do it for me (as she hands the bowl of corn)?.well sure, I mean how is a little more corn going to hurt??

Faye: Curt there is a little bit of fruit left, you go ahead and eat that up.

Me: Yes Ma?am?..

And so on??.

But it?s all good ??and like my wife once said to me earlier in the year, ?you don?t have to eat it you know?.? But I do, she doesn?t understand.

Then next up is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and now back at home in Northern Virginia, we do our our second round of Thanksgiving dinners with the kids and their friends and family and anyone else who wants to come eat.

That is what I have to look forward to tomorrow.

And next Saturday is the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon! I wonder if they allow wheelbarrows.

But you know what? I am not going to worry about it. I am going to be happy to be the slop bucket. Though I haven?t entirely achieved my goal, I have lost some weight even dropping below 160 pounds at one point this year, though brief as it was. And I have been eating more healthy foods as a rule, so I supposed I have learned something and made at least some dietary progress in the last eleven months.

So let?s just bring on the holidays, relax, be thankful, and enjoy family and friends??and food too.

Emphasis on the ?Happier? aspects this week!

And from myself and the rest of my Sport and Spine Rehab family, we hope everyone had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving Day and that you have a great weekend as well!


Curt Christiansen

Chief Operating Officer

Sport and Spine Rehab



Happy Thanksgiving!
The Farm!





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