Top 12 Holiday Travel Tips: What to Do If You’re in a Car Accident

Top 12 Holiday Travel Tips: What to Do If You’re in a Car Accident

Traveling during the holidays season can be stressful. Unfortunately, with the increase in travel there is also an increase in the amount of auto accidents. With flight prices high than ever this year, nearly 49 million people are expected to travel by car this year. We want you to be prepared if you find yourself in an auto accident during the holiday season. Here are out top 12 tips for what you should do if you’re in a car accident this holiday season. 

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Tip 1: Assess Situation and Personal Safety

The first thing you should after any type of accident is to make sure you and the other parties are okay. Stop, take a moment to breath and make sure you do not require emergency medical care. Dial 911 to alert the police so they can come and assess and report the accident. 

Tip 2: Record and Document the Vehicle and Surrounding Areas

Once you safetly exit the vehicle, be sure to take pictures of the vehicle. You also want to photograph any marks on the road, surrounding areas and the other vehicle. It’s important to have proper documentation of the scene and damage sustained to your vehicle.

Tip 3: Ask Witnesses to Write Statements of Support of their Account of the Accident

If you were not at fault, ask anyone who witnessed the accident and stopped to write a statement of the events of the accident. Be sure to take a picture of the signed statement so you have a copy. Often times these statements can be lost and don’t end up being included in the police report. You also want to make sure you have a copy of these statements for insurance purposes. It can also be helpful to get the contact information for the witness(es) in case there is dispute. 

Tip 4: Collect Contact Information of Other Drivers and Police

Get the names and business cards of the police at the scene. This is helpful so you can contact them if you have questions regarding the police report or if it has incorrect information on it. Also, collect the contact, registration and insurance information of all other parties involved in the accident.

In the event that someone leaves the accident before you can collect their information, the police will collect this from all parties on the scene for the police report. However, the police report can sometimes take days or weeks to be completed so having the information yourself can save you time. 

Tip 5: Collect As Much from Your Vehicle as Possible 

Get as many of your personal belongings out of your car as you can at the scene of the accident. This includes taking your license plates, registrations, garage door openers, paperwork in the glove box, valuable items in the trunk, etc. These items can sometimes go missing while the car is being transported or held at tow yards.

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Tip 6: Get Tow Truck Information

Make sure they put all the pieces of your car on the right tow truck. Also, get the names and cards for each tow driver so you can know where your car is being taken and who to contact if you have any questions.

Tip 7: Compare Wait Times at Emergency Rooms/Urgent Cares

Call local emergency rooms or urgent cares to ask about their wait times before heading there. You can check their websites if they list it there. This can prevent having to wait a long time to be seen. There are usually several different options close by. Prescreening your options can usually save you unnecessary wait times.

Tip 8: Record and Report Recent Improvements

Take pictures of receipts for any recent improvements or maintenance you’ve had done to you car. This can include new tires, major repairs, upgraded stereo system, seat upgrades, motor work, etc. Send these documents to your claims adjuster. This can increase the value you are given for your car.

Tip 9: Record Series of Events the Same-Day

Be sure to write down your account of what happened in detail on the day of the accident. Be sure to date and sign it. Then take a picture of it to prove you wrote it that day. It can take days or weeks for insurance adjusters to get to your claim. You want to ensure you have not forgotten any important details in the meantime. 

Tip 10: Only Speak with Your Adjuster or Attorney 

Do not agree to letting the 3rd party adjuster from the other person’s insurance record any statements you make. Do not agree to any offers for payout or sign anything without consulting an attorney. Be sure to think through what you really deserve to be reimbursed for the costs of the accident (including financial, emotional, physical, mental damages).

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Tip 11: Find a Personal Injury Attorney 

If you’ve been in an auto accident, a personal injury attorney can help ensure that you get what you deserve to reimbursed for your accident. This can include reimbursement for physical, mental and emotional damages. It can also help cover the cost of medical care, including chiropractic care for your auto accident injuries. 

Many personal injury attorneys do not charge unless you win your case.

Tip 12: Make an Appointment with an Auto Accident Injury Expert

Depending on the severity of the car accident, you may or may not feel any injuries immediately following the crash. Delayed symptoms after a car accident can appear hours, days or weeks after a car accident. Whether you experience symptoms right away or they’re delayed, don’t wait to get treated. Waiting to treat symptoms can allow them to become worse or even chronic.

Some of the most common auto accident injuries are misalignments in the body. These can be caused by impact and force during a collision. When your car collides with another car or structure, it can cause your body to move in unnatural ways.

The force can cause misalignment to your neck, spine, shoulders, back, etc. Misalignments cause pain, joint issues, and malfunctions throughout the body.

If you have suffered any type of injury or think you may have suffered injury from an auto accident, it can greatly benefit you to seek chiropractic care as soon as possible. Chiropractors are trained in identifying common and lesser known auto accident injuries.

They can use adjustments, dry needling, cupping and rehabilitative exercises to help correct alignment and restore proper joint function. 

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