Take Care of Your Shoulders!

Take Care of Your Shoulders!

Shoulders are important joints!
Think of how often you use them throughout the day. Having pain there makes daily living tasks difficult, not to mention working out!
First thing’s first: Shoulder Anatomy
The glenohumeral (shoulder) joint is a ball and socket joint. The head of the humerus (long, upper arm bone) articulates with the glenoid fossa on the scapula to create the joint, with ligaments surrounding the joint to keep it stable. This is our most mobile joint in the body, but with increased mobility comes decreased stability.
Prevent Loss In Mobility
Heavy lifting, increased age, and injury are just a few things that can contribute to low or decreased joint mobility. Most of this ends up coming from lack of use or lack of movement throughout the WHOLE range of motion in the joint. Mobility exercises and stretches are a great way to prevent this loss from happening.
2 Exercises to Increase Shoulder Mobility
The Angel

Back, elbows, and hands stay flat against the wall the whole time, and knees slightly bent

Move slowly, and hold a three count at the top and bottom

If there’s an uncomfortable point while arms are moving, don’t try to push through it. Stop, and go back the other way. Next rep try and stretch it a little further, while maintaining good form.

Complete 2 sets of 10 rep


Keep your bottom leg straight and top one bent at 90 degrees

With your non-working hand, hold your bent leg to maintain stability

Complete the arm motion shown in the video, and hold the ending position for 3 seconds before bringing your arm back in

10-15 reps for each side

No matter your level of physical activity, it’s important to keep your shoulders loose and mobile!
Shoulder Pain can be infuriating. Let us help!