Shoulder Pain Chiropractor Fairfax

Shoulder Pain Chiropractor in Fairfax

Shoulder pain is common and painful. Over 70% of people report experiencing shoulder pain at some point in their life. Shoulder pain can have many different causes like overuse, sprain/strain, dislocation, tears, other injuries, post operative pain, adhesive capsulitis (froze shoulder), or even arthritis. Shoulder pain could result from swollen tendons or shoulder impingement syndrome. Shoulder impingement is where the rotator cuff rubs between tendons. This can lead to inflammation and soreness.

Shoulder pain can be radiating or a dull pain. Whether it is simple joint stiffness or a rotator cuff injury, don’t ignore shoulder pain.

If you want to get the discomfort under control, a chiropractor in Fairfax, VA, can help you. Chiropractic adjustments are a natural way to relieve pain and restore mobility and function without the use of painkillers or surgery.

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Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder dysfunction can occur easily. This can lead to issues like aches, muscle spasms, and inflammation in the joint and surrounding areas. Prolonged bad posture can be a cause or make these symptoms worse. Chiropractic care can help to treat stuck joints, like the shoulder.

A shoulder pain chiropractor can perform hand-on treatments like adjustments, manual therapy, active release technice, soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, cupping and more. They can also prescribe and perform therapeutic rehabilitative exercises. These exercises will help correct posture, increase strength, restore balance, and improve mobility. Properly improving these areas can greatly reduce the risk of future injuries.

Diagnosing Shoulder Pain

A shoulder pain chiropractor will do a thorough exam of your frozen shoulder or any other shoulder symptom or issue. They will form a diagnosis using their training and evaluation tests. Then they will create an individualized treatment plan to relieve symptoms and restore function.

Shoulder aches and pains can also be radiating or referring from another area of the body. They could be related to neck or back issues. If you have shoulder pain, you should see a Chiropractor as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.

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Chiropractic Shoulder Adjustments in Fairfax, VA

Gentle and safe chiropractic adjustments can help to re-align the shoulder joint and minimize discomfort, pain, and stiffness. Treatment can enhance flexibility, range of motion, muscle tone, and strength. It can also reduce inflammation and overall soreness. Chiropractic care can provide long-term relief for shoulder pain and helps to prevent further degeneration issues.

They can also use dry needling and cupping techniques. These techniques provide blood and oxygen flow to the affected area. This helps the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

How to help shoulder pain?

To help with shoulder pain, you can try a variety of at-home remedies, such as:

  • Stretching
  • Foam rolling
  • Massage
  • Heat or cold therapy

If your shoulder pain continues, make an appointment with a shoulder pain chiropractor in Fairfax,

Why should you choose Kaizo Health Fairfax to treat your shoulder pain?

Chiropractors are experienced doctors in treating and relieving shoulder pain. Your shoulder pain chiropractor will review all your symptoms and medical history. They will work to understand the possible underlying causes of your pain. Chiropractic care focuses on manual techniques, stretching, and rehabilitative exercises. These can include soft tissue and muscle work, spinal adjustments and more. A chiropractor uses natural therapies to treat your area of injury.

Truly, when you choose Kaizo-Health you are choosing to work with a leading shoulder pain Chiropractor in Fairfax, VA. Our team can truly help you as you work to become more pain free.

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Meet our Fairfax Chiropractors

Dr. Nicolas Jubert

Doctor of Chiropractic Clinic Director,- Fairfax Office

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Dr. Nicolas Jubert, also known as Dr. Nico, is a licensed chiropractor with physical therapy and acupuncture privileges in Virginia… 

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Michaela Hogg Chiropractor Fairfax

Dr. Michaela Hogg

Doctor of Chiropractic

– Fairfax Office

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Dr. Michaela Hogg is an exceptional chiropractor. She is a board certified and licensed Virginia chiropractor…

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Dana Edson

Chiropractic Care Assistant

Tara Fogle

Chiropractic Care Assistant

Jax Katalinas

Chiropractic Care Assistant

Courtney Gerrity

Chiropractic Care Assistant

Our Fairfax chiropractors will help you take control of your life.

At Kaizo Health, we take all conditions seriously. We want to help you get out of pain and stay out of pain. Our doctors perform a thorough examination to assess and treat your body as a whole. We’re a leading shoulder pain chiropractor in Fairfax and will help you strategize a game plan for dealing with pain in your head, neck, back, shoulder, hip and more.





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Chiropractic Questions? We’ve got answers..

01. How to relieve or get rid of shoulder pain?

To relieve persistent shoulder pain, make an appointment with a shoulder pain chiropractor. A shoulder pain chiropractor can use spinal adjustments, dry needling, or scraping to help. They can also use rehabilitative exercises to strength the neck and surrounding muscles. These treatments can reduce the strain in the neck muscles and ensure that the spine is in alignment.

02. What causes shoulder pain?

A variety of different things can cause shoulder pain. Car accidents, whiplash, poor posture, or sleeping position can cause pain or discomfort. Also, illness, slips, falls, and sports related injury can all cause pain in the shoulder. To ensure that your shoulder pain does not worsen, call a shoulder pain chiropractor in Fairfax, VA.

03. Are chiropractic shoulder adjustments safe? 

Chiropractic shoulder adjustments are safe. Adverse events can occur but are very rare. A chiropractor will always do a thorough physical examination before providing any treatment to ensure it is absolutely safe to do so.

04. Is shoulder pain a sign of covid?

Covid-19 can cause muscle and body aches. This can include soreness, stiffness and pain in the shoulder and neck. COVID-19 affects different people in diverse ways. Infected people have had a wide range of symptoms reported. Call your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning to you.

05. Which is better for shoulder pain — a chiropractor or a masseuse? 

Both massage and chiropractic care can be helpful at relieving shoulder pain. A chiropractor can do a medical exam and help determine the true cause and diagnosis of the shoulder pain and help guide you to not only relieve the symptoms but do rehabilitative exercises to help keep the pain away.

06. How does a chiropractor treat shoulder pain?

A chiropractor may treat shoulder pain with adjustments or manipulations. They may also use muscle work like myofasical release, Active release technique, manual therapy, manual traction, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization or scraping, dry needling, cupping and more. They may also combine that with rehabilitative stretching and exercises to help support, strengthen, increase mobility and treat the underlying cause of the shoulder pain.

07. Is chiropractic or physical therapy better for shoulder pain? 

A combination of chiropractic care and rehabilitative exercises or physical therapy has been shown to work best at relieving, treating, and reducing the reoccurrence of shoulder pain.

08. Can chiropractors help with shoulder pain without medicine?

Chiropractors use treatments that are natural and holistic. They are able to utilize their hands, knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and their extensive professional training to alleviate shoulder pain without the use of prescription medication.

09. Will my health insurance cover chiropractic shoulder pain treatment?

Many insurances cover treatment for shoulder pain. Please feel free to call our office so we can verify your insurance coverage for you.


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What our patients have to say

Dr. Gilmour and her entire staff (MiMi, Eric, Henry and Rico) are AMAZING! They take their time with you and are super friendly! The electric stimulation with ice and mat exercises are great! Also, the adjustments and massage gun are so helpful! My injury is feeling so much better!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Chiropractor for physical therapy!!!!

– Sophia Lawson

I had the best first time experience going to a chiropractor in a Covid safe environment. Everyone is welcoming, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Ian was great! He really can crack your back. ? I walked in tense, stiff, sore, and not knowing how to move my body. They taught me how to overcome all of that. Most of the exercises I do with my 5th grade students at work. Communication with Kaizo staff has been super easy with their text system. I get a reminder. If I can’t make it I just text make and they told me my options. I’ll be back for regular maintenance. Thanks!

– D. Lynette Walker

Had such a great experience at Kaizo! Dr. Schapiro and Gilmore were very kind, and the CA’s take the best care of you as well. This was my first time at a PT/Chiro practice and they made it incredibly comfortable. Appreciate it, Kaizo!

– Gabby Evidente