In Honor of Black History Month

In Honor of Black History Month

Chiropractic History

In honor of Black History Month we want to recognize and acknowledge some very important people and historical moments that have contributed immensely to the field of Chiropractic medicine.
In 1895, the first recognized chiropractic adjustment patient in America, Harvey Lillard, received relief for both a back and hearing issue from Dr. David D. Palmer. Adjustments are one of the most important treatment techniques that chiropractors use and the proof of it’s efficacy started with his contribution to science.\
In 1922, Fred Rubel founded the first Black Chiropractic College, the Rubel College of Chiropractic. This was a major step in progressing the Chiropractic profession toward full equality, inclusivity, and much needed representation for all.

Here and Now

Every year, the ABCA awards scholarships to students who are enrolled in the Doctor of Chiropractic programs in various schools across the United States. These scholarships are possible through donations that help provide students with the essentials necessary to continue education and become successful Doctors of Chiropractic.


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