How to Make Social Media Healthy for You

How to Make Social Media Healthy for You

Can social media help you be more healthy?

The answer… it depends on you! We understand social media isn’t for everyone. We understand there are a lot of factors present that can cause ridicule, hateful content, comparison and more. But are you utilizing social media as a platform to engage in negativity or positivity?

If you take the right steps to set boundaries, curate your feed, stay connected, and share positive stories it is possible to have a healthier relationship with social media.

5 Steps To Make Social Media Healthy For You

\Your experience on social media is entirely up to you. Who you follow can have a dramatic impact on your mental and physical well-being. Try these 5 steps out and notice the difference in your daily social media check-ins.

1. Unfollow what makes you unhealthy.

Start by liking more of what inspires you. When you like or comment on a post, any social media platform shows you more of those types of posts.

2. “Like” more of what inspires you.

Next, unfollow any page that stresses you out or makes you feel bad. Clean your feed up to reflect what you value as a person and what you want to choose to feed your mind.

3. Look up!

Step 3 is to look up! It’s as simple as it sounds. Remember to literally look up for better physical health, less stress, and less pain. Whenever you’re on your screen, try to look 20 feet away from your screen, for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes. Take the additional step to even limit your time on social media; set boundaries on your phone that give you notifications so you are aware of how much time you’re spending on social media and set goals for yourself.

4. Connect and engage with your tribes.

Next, when you are on social media, stay connected to your tribes by commenting and engaging on your favorite posts. Actively connecting with people who have mutual interests and passions is always more rewarding than hiding behind a screen in comparison or judgment. Go on to social media with an open mind, willing to hear stories that are different from yours and support your tribes and local communities.

5. Share the love.

Finally, share the love. Have you ever seen someone’s post or share and said to yourself, “I really needed to hear that today.” If you see something inspiring, helpful, or interesting, hit the share button to help your friends discover something new. Even a single share can have a significant positive impact on people you’re connected with on social media.

We can either let social media bring us down and enable unhealthy habits, or we can share and amplify those inspiring positive ideas that make us all healthier, happier, and more positive human beings.

It’s up to us! Let’s work together to amplify the good stuff and inspire others to live their best lives.

We get that social media isn’t for everyone, and we respect that. But if you are on social media and you you’d like a good place to start getting healthier, you can like and follow Kaizo Health on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. You’ll be glad you did!