Powerhouse EHR, Future Health, Announces Gold Sponsorship of POWERPlay in Sports National Tour

Powerhouse EHR, Future Health, Announces Gold Sponsorship of POWERPlay in Sports National Tour

Future Health, a market-leading chiropractic fully integrated, electronic health records (EHR) software firm that focuses on helping doctors utilize technology to effectively enhance overall practice success found a congruent commitment with the creators of education based company, POWERPlay In Sports.

?We create an environment that assists doctors to operate their practices efficiently and effortlessly, allowing more time with patients,? says Steven Kraus, founder and CEO of Future Health.

FutureHealth and chiropractic’s premiere speakers share the same attitude on education. POWERPlay provides a turnkey approach towards allowing doctors to skillfully provide education to parents, coaches and athletes. Thus, bringing a sophisticated and competent image of the profession to the level it has to be trained for.

?Empowering for doctors, from the inside and out,? is the expression Dr. Jay Greenstein, one of POWERPlay?s founders and multi clinic owner of Sport and Spine Rehab, uses when describing the synergy between POWERPlay and Future Health. ?While Future Health provides the tools to cover the technical, internal working of the practice, we give the doctor what it takes to care for his practice from outside, by educating the community.?

?POWERPlay trains our doctors with the precise tools for raising health awareness that the Chiropractic profession offers to the public, primarily though youth sports,? says Marc Abla, the Executive Director of the Illinois Chiropractic Society. ?It?s been so effective that we?ve schedule a third training program in our state.?

Endorsed by many professional athletes, due to their concerns for educating the participants in youth sports programs, POWERPlay provides each doctor with the training tools that disseminate current and applicable community based information on how to manage the concussed athlete, guiding sound nutritional habits, the importance of hydration or how to prevent and care for common sports injuries.

?Our commitment to the Chiropractic profession and the health and safety of youth sports though POWERPlay has been modeled after the way we work with our pro teams,? says Baltimore Ravens Chiropractor, Dr. Alan Sokoloff. ?First class, motivating and highly informative!?

After today?s announcement as a gold sponsor of POWERPlay In Sports? National Tour, the leaders of both companies are creating new and more global ways of reaching doctors and their communities at every socioeconomic level, as well as, a variety of sports and skill levels.

?The buzz that Future Health is generating among our peers as an industry leader in EHR, in concert with the lofty testimonials promoted by the achievements generated by our POWERPlay certified doctors, feels like the acquisition of a great quarterback and a powerful offensive line,? relates Dr. Spencer Baron, Chiropractor to the Miami Dolphins and POWERPlay?s cofounder.

Committed to the advancement of the profession, Future Health and POWERPlay In Sports are a super team. ?Every doctor should be a Nationally certified POWERPlay Instructor!? declares Dr. Cindy M. Howard, a Chicago based physician, that makes clear how she?s easily and confidently set up and delivered a coaches program on concussion and nutrition. ?They love it and are referring me to other sites,? she claims.

Additional Information:

The chiropractic profession?s True EHR
Fully integrating all elements of a modern-day practice including scheduling, patient notes, recordkeeping storage, and billing.
Offers greater choices
Including cloud-based
Server-based technologies
Complete workflow customization
Truly paperless office
Government certification and advanced software design
Lower software implementation and maintenance cost
Future Health was ranked as the #1 chiropractic EHR by Black Book Rankings
Recognized for its leading chiropractic-specific professional, compliant daily-visit note creation.

Comprehensive, well researched, turnkey slides programs (Concussion, Nutrition, Dehydration and Sports Injuries)
40 minute and 10 minute presentations
90+ page GAMEPLAN book
Implementation and lecture strategies
A powerful web-based program for posting lectures nationally
Opportunities to market the doctor/instructor?s practice
Connect with youth sports programs around the country
Provide certificates of completion on all subjects, especially concussion.

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