How To Do Myofascial Release With A Partner

How To Do Myofascial Release With A Partner

The most popular thing we do in the clinics: Myofascial Release!

This Dynamic Pin and Stretch is a myofascial release technique that uses movement and pressure to break up tension in the muscles.

Scar tissue buildup, adhesions and overall tightness are often the underlying causes of headaches, back pain and joint pain.


Overuse and injury can cause increased scar tissue and issues in the muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints, which prevents normal function.


Putting pressure on specific muscles while they are actively stretching allows the tension and scar tissue buildup to release and lengthens the muscles.

This manual therapy technique increases blood flow and improves range of motion so your muscles, nerves and joints can move freely without pain.

Here is a simplified version you can do at home or at the gym with a partner!
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