Low Back Pain? The Elliptical May Not Be For You

Low Back Pain? The Elliptical May Not Be For You

Elliptical machines have been present in gyms and fitness facilities as a go-to piece of cardio equipment. But for anyone suffering from lower back pain, research suggests that they may need to think twice before using an elliptical.

The Study

The elliptical machine, sometimes called a cross-trainer, is a piece of stationary exercise equipment that simulates low-impact walking or running motions without causing pressure to the joints. Researcher Janice Moreside is a University of Waterloo PhD candidate and a physiotherapist who’s been a clinician for more than 30 years. She has found that while many people like using the elliptical and have not experienced problems with it, there’s a subset of people who experience associated back pain.

Moreside works with Waterloo professor, Stuart McGill, whose specialty is spine research. While McGill and Moreside were researching the effect of hip mobility on the low back, they came across some interesting data on low back pain and elliptical machines. In their study, 43 males (aged 19 to 30) exercised on the elliptical trainer at two speeds: a self-selected speed and a speed 30 percent faster than the self-selected speed.

The Results

Moreside noted that participants in the study tended to adopt a more flexed posture than compared to walking, no matter the speed, stride length, or hand position. She also found that the participants twisted more on the elliptical than when walking, despite changing the speed and stride length.

Repeated flexion and twisting of the spine is known scientifically to encourage degeneration and cause pain. “If you’re already starting to get a bit of disc breakdown or sensitivity, this may not be the medium of choice for you,” Moreside explained. Individuals with lumbar disc problems, or lower back pain, should refrain from using the elliptical. She suggests that walking would be a much better form of exercise over an elliptical for people with lumbar disc problems.

Think Before You Ride

It is important to note that while the elliptical isn’t great for people with lower back pain, it can actually help for people with other conditions. For those with lumbar joint problems or hip injuries, being in a flexed position is often preferred, so the elliptical may actually work well as a form of exercise.

“The elliptical also does not require as much hip extension as normal walking,” Moreside said. “So if somebody finds that going into hip extension is painful or has had an injury, they may find that this is quite satisfactory because they are safe, they’re holding onto something.”

For those of us without any low back pain or problems and who are pain free, Moreside suggests that there shouldn’t be any issues when it comes to using the elliptical. “There’s a lot of good things about the elliptical,” Moreside explained, “It’s a tremendous workout for your gluteal muscles … and it’s a great cardiovascular workout.”

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    • Thank you for your question. Please read our full article for full context. Although ellipticals are a great cardio machine that is low impact, some people may also experience low back pain or injuries from improper form or posture. Please note that we are also referencing a research study conducting these results. It’s important to keep in mind the importance of form and posture with any physical activity and exercise machine.

  1. As someone who has spondylolisthesis L5 S1, grade2. I do have back pain using the machine, if I don’t use the hand components, I have less pain. Per the article it depends on the individual.


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