5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

Seeing a chiropractor after a car accident has more benefits than you might realize

When you’re involved in a car accident, you probably do a quick check to see if you’re ok and then immediately move on to worrying about everything but you. The car. The other person’s car. Exchanging insurance information. Calling the police. Filing a claim. Wondering if you handled it correctly…

Initially, you might feel fine and think you dodged a bullet. But over time, the symptoms start making an appearance, and the longer you wait the worse they become. So after you tend to the accident reports and claims, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor right away.

5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident
1. All Car Accidents Cause Whiplash

Here’s the thing – even small collisions cause whiplash. The sooner you treat it, the less of an issue it is. Alternatively, the longer you ignore it, the harder it is to treat. Don’t wait until you feel pain! Chiropractors treat whiplash every day. Prevent further injury by getting treated by a chiropractor immediately.

2. You May Have Hidden Injuries

Aside from the obvious injuries like broken bones and cuts, you could have suffered other injuries without even realizing it. Chiropractors do a full body evaluation and will identify other issues if they are there. It is common to suffer ligament and muscle tears in a car accident, which are often not picked up by an x-ray. Chiropractic Care will help reduce the pain of these tears and other side-effects of the car accident.

3. Strengthen Your Legal Claim

If the car accident was not your fault, the other person’s insurance is responsible for your medical treatment. If you have an open claim, you may be entitled to FREE treatment. Seeing a chiropractor for treatment immediately strengthens your claim. Chiropractors provide documentation of your visit history to help your case and help you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

4. Receive an Attorney Referral

Chiropractors work closely with Personal Injury Attorneys and can help you get the representation you need for your accident claim.

At Sport and Spine Rehab, we have 20 years’ worth of relationships with legal professionals in the community. We can provide you with an attorney referral who will get you the best legal outcomes, so you can get the best medical treatment for your pain without stressing about cost.

5. Avoid Long-term Pain and Invasive Medical Procedures

Putting off medical treatment following a motor vehicle accident is not the answer. Ignoring minor symptoms only makes matters worse. When treated immediately, recovery is quick and efficient. Chiropractic care is safe and drug-free, and it prevents chronic pain from developing.

Minor injuries that would’ve been easy for a chiropractor to treat, turn into serious problems when left untreated, requiring invasive medical attention through surgery and/or drugs. Do you really want to have to go through surgery or take medication for pain that could have been managed by safe chiropractic care!

The key is catching it early! So why wait for pain to visit a chiropractor.

BONUS Benefit of Seeing a Chiropractor after a Car Accident

Save money! Taking care of your injuries safely and immediately prevents costly medical procedures down the road. The longer you wait, the worse the symptoms get and the more visits it takes to heal. The sooner you get treated, the less treatment you require, saving you TONS in medical treatment.

If you’ve been in a recent (or not-so-recent) car accident, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor. Wouldn’t you like to avoid drugs and surgery? Chiropractic care is the best solution for your pain. AND it supports your legal claims and outcomes.