A Combined Approach: Benefits of Combining Cryotherapy and Heat Therapy

A Combined Approach: Benefits of Combining Cryotherapy and Heat Therapy

A modern-day ice bath, cryotherapy involves exposing the body to ultra-low temperatures. Temperatures can range from -200°F and -256 °F. Cryotherapy aids in muscle recovery and pain management. It can also help enhance mood, promote better sleep and boost in immunity.  

The ultra-cold exposure during cryotherapy causes widening and narrowing of the blood vessels. This leads to improved blood flow within the body. It helps to push a higher volume of blood cells to any injured muscles and joints. It can also help push blood flow to deeper muscle tissues that may have lower circulation. Increased blood flow allows the cells to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the joints and muscles. This promotes healing, reduces soreness and lessens inflammation. For a more in-depth look into the history behind cryotherapy and it’s benefits, check out our blog post here

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Cryotherapy Benefits – Why chiropractors choose cryotherapy  

Chiropractic care focuses on providing natural treatments for your pain or injury. It works to find medication-free ways to reduce pain. Cryotherapy offers a medication-free way to aid the body in restoration and recovery.  

Like dry needling and cupping, cryotherapy increases oxygen and blood flow to the muscles and joints. These treatments work to encourage the body’s natural ability to heal itself.   

Even our own doctors love it! Check out what Dr. Sheldon Stuckart, clinic director of our Rockville location had to say:  

“I love cryotherapy for a multitude of different ways: physically and mentally. Physically, it’s great in recovery and for decreasing inflammation! I love using it as a post-workout tool for fast recovery, quick cool-down and decreased muscle soreness.  

I recommend cryotherapy to many of my patients that are experiencing acute or chronic swelling or edema, and for athlete recovery. Patients that are dealing with pain due to inflammation benefit greatly. Some patients with chronic pain also benefit from the therapy as well.” 

Combining various treatment methods is a great way to encourage healing quicker. It keeps your body from getting used to one method for too long.  

To provide patients with the most effective form of cryotherapy, we’ve partner with our friends, Capital Cyro. We aim to deliver our patients the most effective treatment options available.  

What is Heat Therapy?  

Another way we love for our patients to combine therapies is by combining cold therapy with heat therapy. Heat therapy includes specialized treatments such as an infrared sauna. An infrared sauna uses several special, infrared lights to increase circulation. It can also help remove toxins and promote your body’s natural inflammatory response.  

Our partners, Capital Cryo offer 20-30 minutes infrared sessions. The infrared light can help trigger relief from chronic pain. It can also help restore your range of motion and improve quality of life.  

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Combine Cold Therapy with Heat Therapy  

Many believe that cold therapy is best used for acute injuries or pain. It can also help in reducing inflammation or swelling. Heat therapy aids in reducing muscle pain or stiffness by increasing circulation and blood flow. Heat can also help relax and soothe muscles and injured areas.    

Some injuries and types of pain can benefit from the combined use of therapies. Cold therapy can help with the initial inflammation and swelling of an acute injury. Heat can increase blood flow to help ease the stiffness and soreness in the area.  


Another beneficial treatment type is reflexology. Reflexology is an ancient belief that the feet and hands contain reflex points. It believes these reflex points correspond to every muscle, nerve, organ, gland, and bone in the body.  

Reflexology treatment involves applying light pressure to these points helps. This helps to balance the nervous system and can stimulate the release of endorphins. Not only will this help reduce pain but can release stress in the body.  

Reflexology also helps improve blood flow by reducing vascular constriction. Improved blood circulation also helps release toxins. 

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Which treatments should you choose?  

It might be hard to know which treatment options you should choose. The best way to choose is make an appointment with a chiropractor that can create a personalized treatment plan specific for you. This plan will use various treatments to reduce your pain, improve recovery and prevent further injury. 

At your appointment, the chiropractor will do a thorough full-body evaluation. Then they will create a course of treatment that will best benefit your specific needs. This treatment plan can include manual adjustments, cupping, dry needling, and more. They may also provide recommendations of cryotherapy or infrared therapy.  

Get Treated at Kaizo Health    

Our goal at Kaizo Health is to always get you back to feeling 100%. Our doctors provide treatment to help you be pain-free. We also have a dedicated team that will work with you and your insurance. We want to make sure you get the most from your benefits. You should experience relief for as little cost to you as possible. If you are ready to experience relief from the pain, make an appointment to see us now.      

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