We are in network with most major insurance companies including but not limited to:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Anthem
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • Medicare (Fort Washington only)

If you have one of those insurances the prices will depend on your specific plan benefits, the allowed fees/contracted rates with your insurance company, and what services you have performed.  They can range from paying nothing out of pocket, to a small copay, to paying the full contracted rates towards a deductible. On average people pay about $30 per visit if they have a copay and between $50 – $200 per visit if they have a deductible, depending on those 3 factors. Once deductibles are met, co-insurances can cost as low as $3-6/visit.

If you were in a Car Accident
$0 out of pocket

We also see patients on personal injury liens which means that if you were in a car accident we can bill your services to your car insurance company and they can pay us directly for your care!  If you don’t have an attorney we can also refer you to a great one so make sure that you don’t have to pay out of pocket for any of your care related to a car accident.  


Worker’s compensation
$0 out of pocket

With worker’s comp if you have an open claim and are referred for chiropractic or physical therapy we can bill your worker’s compensation company and they will pay us directly and you should not have any out of pocket costs!


Other legal cases like slip and fall accidents
$0 out of pocket

Similar to car accidents we can see these cases on a lien basis and as long as the liability carrier or attorney assures we are paid directly then you should not have any out of pocket costs.


The VA
$0 out of pocket

Veterans who are referred to us by the VA are able to have their bills paid by the VA directly to us.   There is no copay or coinsurance for these patients.


$ cost varies based on services performed, see below for breakdown

If you are not covered by health insurance and weren’t in a car accident, worker’s comp accident, or other legal accident then you are eligible to sign up for our medical discount plan through .  This will be the most affordable way to get care and allows us to legally discount our rates for you.  



  • $49 to sign up for the medical discount plan for 1 year (only has to be paid for one member of your household and you can all be enrolled)
  • $179 – first visit to include evaluation, consultation, and all treatment that day
  • $79 – capped price for follow up visits (if you have less than $79 worth of services you will pay for those services a la carte which is typically about $50)
  • $36 – re-exams, if added on to any other visit this additional fee will be charged.  This is only performed about once every 30 days if needed


We all need a little help sometimes and we know that healthcare costs can often be burdensome and prevent people from wanting to receive the care that they need to live their best lives!

We are here to help with that!

We offer simple interest-free payment plans that you can use if you are using health insurance or selfpay plans to help spread your cost out over time and make it easier on your mind and your wallet to get the care you deserve!

Please let us know if you are interested in this option and we can answer any questions you may have and get a custom plan set up for you!