Prenatal and Postpartum Chiropractor

For New & Expecting Moms

Research has shown that women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy and postpartum experience easier labor and faster recovery!

SAFE: Pre/post natal chiropractic care is safe for both mother and baby

COMFORTABLE: Chiropractic care helps maximize moms comfort, optimize baby’s position, and maximize space for baby

TRUSTWORTHY: Kaizo Health are leading prenatal chiropractors. You can trust that we’ll handle your care and pregnancy the right way.

SUPPORTIVE: We’re supportive of your specific birth plan. We’ll help maximize your comfort and strength based on your unique goals.

What our patients have to say

Everyone was so amazing! They definitely improved and made my pregnancy 1000x better. Even being so considerate when I had to reschedule via text sometimes lol I looked forward to every single appointment and my body felt so much better.

I got so many compliments saying I didn’t move like a pregnant person haha, I owe that to Kaizo Health in Fairfax.

– Cortney

I am pregnant – I was referred to Kaizo by my OBGYN in my 3rd Trimester since my pelvis became unaligned. I could only shuffle walk when I started and now I am back to taking long strides without shooting pain. I am continuing until my due date and through postpartum. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND physical therapy for ALL pregnant people. As soon as you start to feel back pain start. KAIZO has special pillows for pregnant bellies and lots of experience with pregnant people.

– C. Jaffe

Had such a great experience at Kaizo! Dr. Schapiro and Gilmore were very kind, and the CA’s take the best care of you as well. This was my first time at a PT/Chiro practice and they made it incredibly comfortable. Appreciate it, Kaizo!

– Gabby Evidente


A Comfortable Pregnancy

Boost your comfort during pregnancy with our gentle, safe chiropractic treatments tailored for expecting moms. Our therapies reduce pain, improve flexibility, and increase strength, making daily activities and even labor easier. Plus, we offer personalized exercises for your pregnancy stage that also enhance your postpartum recovery. Enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy journey with us!

We have treatments that will help you feel relief

From a simple strain or sprain to post-surgery rehabilitation, Kaizo Health treat all of our clients with a unique plan meant for them. We not only want to get you out of pain, but we also want you to stay out of pain. Our doctors perform a thorough examination at the beginning of your care to assess and treat your body as a whole. Click below to see some of the common conditions we treat.

Common Symptoms

Low Back Pain
Diastasis Recti
Pelvic Floor
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction
Round Ligament Pain
Hip Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Neck Pain (breastfeeding or holding baby)
Wrist Pain (holding baby)



Improve comfort
Reduce the swelling and pain associated with being pregnant
Get stronger during pregnancy for faster recovery postpartum


diastasis recti
Recover with safe exercises and treatments
Feel relief from new aches that may occur due to holding baby, breastfeeding, etc.
Ability to play, hold and be with your new baby without worrying about pain and discomfort


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Questions? We’ve got answers..

Absolutely, pregnant women can have chiropractic adjustments! At Kaizo-Health, our chiropractors have specialized training in prenatal care, ensuring that both you and your baby are safe and comfortable during the adjustments. Chiropractic care can be a great way to maintain a healthy pregnancy by addressing any imbalances in your spine and pelvis, which can make carrying your little one a more enjoyable experience.

Chiropractic care can definitely help with pregnancy-related sciatica. Our Kaizo-Health chiropractors understand how to treat sciatica in expecting moms, using gentle techniques to alleviate the pressure on your sciatic nerve. By addressing any misalignments in your lower back and pelvis, our skilled chiropractors can help reduce your sciatica symptoms, making your pregnancy journey more comfortable.

The best sleeping position for pregnant women is on your left side with a pillow between your knees. This position helps improve blood flow and takes the pressure off your lower back. Our Kaizo-Health chiropractors can offer guidance on proper sleeping positions and recommend supportive pillows that cater to your specific needs. They’re also here to provide adjustments to help with any discomfort caused by improper sleeping positions.

Relieving back pain during pregnancy is something our Kaizo-Health chiropractors excel at. They use gentle techniques to correct spinal misalignments, reducing the pressure on your nerves and muscles. In addition, they may recommend stretches and exercises to help you strengthen the muscles that support your spine, further alleviating your back pain.

Yes, chiropractic care can absolutely help with pregnancy-related pelvic pain! Our Kaizo-Health chiropractors are trained to address any misalignments in your pelvis that might be causing you discomfort. They use gentle techniques to restore proper alignment and function, taking the pressure off your nerves and muscles. By addressing these issues, our chiropractors can help make your pregnancy experience much more comfortable.

Yes, chiropractic treatments are safe for kids. Chiropractic care for kids is a natural and holistic way to help children relieve pain. Care can help treat conditions such as colic, breastfeeding problems, chronic headaches, chronic ear infections, constipation, sports injuries, and more.