Why college students should
see a chiropractor

Kaizo-health is a patient focused chiropractic clinic that has partnered with George Mason University to provide it’s students with many chiropractic and rehab options that help…

Treat and Prevent Pain

Reduce Stress

Mental Health

Improve Sleep

Just finish a hard workout?
Sleep wrong over the weekend?
Stiff from Studying?

Whether you’re looking for some post-workout recovery, a good adjustment, pain relief or sports injury rehab our team can get you back to 100%.


Our treatments help our patients…

Treat & Prevent Pain

Manual Therapy

Dry Needling

Soft Tissue/Muscle Work


Chiropractic Adjustments

Reduce Stress

Decrease Cortisol Levels (stress hormone)

Stimulate Endorphins (stress relieving hormone)

Reduce Headaches

Improve Mental Health

Improve function of nervous system

increase ability to focus & study

Stimulate endorphines & boost mood

Improve Sleep

Reduce frequency and intensity of migraines

Decrease insomnia related to discomfort or pain

Treat and prevent restless leg syndrome