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Suffering from back pain, whether in the lower, mid, or upper region, can disrupt your life. Factors like injuries, bad posture, overuse, weak core muscles, or medical conditions like herniated discs or kidney stones may contribute to this pain. While some remedies may provide temporary relief, it’s important to treat the root cause to prevent serious complications.

At Kaizo Health in Landover, our professional team has been helping individuals manage their back pain for over a decade. We provide important information on symptoms, causes, and treatment options, including physical therapeutic rehab exercises, to guide you towards relief.

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Eliminate Daily Back Pain From your Life 

In Landover, our experienced doctors create a personalized treatment protocol geared to your body’s particular needs. Harnessing innovative technology in combination with validated, holistic treatment approaches, we are dedicated to your successful recovery.

What are the symptoms of lower back pain?

Spotting lower back pain symptoms is vital. Common signs can include:

  • Persistent dull discomfort in your lower, mid, or upper back
  • Severe, shooting pain across your back
  • Sudden, stabbing discomfort in your back
  • Pain, numbness, or a tingling sensation extending down your leg
  • Pain that intensifies or starts during bending, lifting, or moving
  • Stiffness and muscle spasms in your back, hips, and pelvic area
  • Discomfort disturbing your sleep or limiting your daily activities

Disregarding back pain can lead to serious ramifications, potentially causing long-term problems or irreversible damage to your back, which might necessitate expensive, invasive surgery. It could also lead to chronic pain, reliance on prescription painkillers, and permanent damage to other parts of your body, including your nervous system, spine, vertebrae, and discs. We recommend exercises after hip replacement and other techniques that prevent damage and reduce the need for surgical procedures.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to seek help! Don’t live with pain – reach out to us at our Landover location today. We’ll quickly arrange your initial consultation, marking the beginning of your journey towards living a more pain-free life.

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What causes lower back pain?

The following factors can lead to lower back pain:

  • Heavy lifting or carrying
  • Falls or other injuries
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Injuries from sports activities
  • Changes during pregnancy
  • Overuse or repeated motions
  • Exercise strain or incorrect form during workouts
  • Extended periods of sitting
  • Constant poor posture
  • Old injuries making a gradual comeback
  • Pain referred from elsewhere in the body
  • Overcompensation for previous injuries or instabilities

How do we treat lower back pain?

We welcome you to experience our dedicated chiropractic services in Landover, either through a simple phone call or by setting up an appointment. We’re all set to evaluate your back pain symptoms and provide you with an array of therapeutic choices. Our plan involves a comprehensive, holistic approach that is custom-made to meet your needs, inclusive of routine progress assessments and a selection of hands-on exercises and treatments.

Additionally, we provide a dynamic in-home therapy routine to facilitate pain relief and continuous progress beyond your visits to our clinic.

Why should you choose Kaizo Health Landover to treat your back pain?

In Landover, our chiropractors are adept at treating back pain. They will conduct a detailed analysis of your symptoms and medical history to discern potential underlying factors. Our chiropractic care integrates manual techniques, flexibility enhancement, and rehabilitative exercises, including soft tissue work and spinal adjustments.

With Kaizo-Health, natural therapies and advanced treatments like dry needling or cupping are used to smooth your transition towards a lifestyle with diminished pain.

Meet the Landover Chiropractors

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Our Landover chiropractors will help you take control of your life.

At Kaizo Health, we take all conditions seriously. We want to help you get out of pain and stay out of pain. Our doctors perform a thorough examination to assess and treat your body as a whole. We’re a leading back pain chiropractor in Landover and will help you strategize a game plan for dealing with pain in your head, neck, back, shoulder, hip and more.





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Chiropractic Questions? We’ve got answers..

01. What is a chiropractic back adjustment?

A manual adjustment or manipulation is when a spine adjustment chiropractor uses their hands or tools to apply pressure to the spine or back. This procedure improves movement in the back and spine. It also improves the body’s overall physical function.

During a typical chiropractic adjustment, a chiropractor places you in specific positions. Often, you’re positioned lying facedown on a specially designed, padded chiropractic table. The chiropractor uses their hands to apply a controlled, sudden force to a joint. This pushes it beyond its usual range of motion. You may hear popping or cracking sounds as your chiropractor moves your joints. This is completely normal during your treatment session.

You can find a video on chiropractic adjustments for back pain here

02. Will my medical insurance cover chiropractic care or back pain treatment?

Most major insurances typically cover chiropractic treatments. You can call our chiropractic office in Landover, Maryland, to discuss your insurance coverage. If you don’t have insurance, we also offer affordable discount self-pay options and payment plans.

03. How do I relieve back pain? / How do I get rid of back pain? 

The following practices will help in the pain relief for back pain: 

  • Hot water bottle or warm pad compression on the affected area to relieve tight or strained muscles. 
  • Ice pack compression on the area of injury. Cold compression will help reduce the pain and risk of inflammation. 
  • Epsom salt bath. This can help reduce pain and inflammation. It can be used as frequently as you desire. Try two cups of Epsom salt in warm water. 
  • At-home devices such a foam roller, compression gun, or stretching. 

These at-home remedies may work to temporarily relieve pain but it is recommended you see a back pain doctor in Landover, MD to get to the root cause of the problem and ensure it doesn’t worsen.  

04. What can cause lower back pain in women?

Lower back pain can result

  • Pregnancy 
  • Carrying heavy materials, tools, and equipment.
  • Improper exercise form or technique.
  • Forward or sidewards trunk bending.
  • Falls.
  • Sitting for a long period of time.
  • Obesity.

It’s more likely to occur in women than men because of some hormonal indicators such as stress, anxiety, and frequent mood shifts.

05. What exercises help with back pain?

Exercises such as stretching and foam rolling can help with back pain. Low impact exercises such as walking or yoga can also help.

06. How to know if back pain is serious? When should I worry?

Pain is not a good indicator of how serious your back pain is. You can have severe damage in your lower back but only experience light to moderate pain. If you notice pain in your lower back, you should make an appointment with a back pain chiropractor to understand the extent of your injury or pain. You should immediately seek care if your back pain is accompanies by: High fever, loss of bladder control, severe stomach pain, or persisting leg weakness.

07. Is heat or cold better for lower back pain?

Deciding between heat or cold compression for your back injury depends on the cause of the pain. Heat provides better relief from stiffness, muscle spasms and tension. Cold compress is better for pain caused by a specific injury. Cold compression can help reduce inflammation and swelling.

08. Is walking good for back pain?

Walking can help relieve tension in your lower back. It is a good low-impact exercise that can loosen the muscles and increase blood flow.

09. How can I relax my back muscles?

To relax and ease tension in your back muscles, try the following movements:

  • Extend your legs while lying on your back
  • Gently raise your left leg up with your knee slightly bent.
  • Draw your knee towards your chest.
  • Hold still for 30 Seconds
  • Repeat the same on the right leg.

If this exercise elicits pain…do not push through. Contact us immediately for an appointment.


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What our patients have to say

I absolutely love this physical therapy office! Everyone is friendly and knows your name and greet you when you walk in….. my fave though is Dr. Huffman I love that man he is THE BEST Chiropractor in the DMV hands down! He is very good at what he does and I love his sense of humor…. If I every have to go to any physical therapy in the future I am always going to go to them! 5 stars isn’t enough they deserve 20!!!! I just love Dr. Huffman that man is good lol!

– Ebony Phillips

I want to let all know that this is a great therapy office. During my time there I began to get a good understanding of the people and what they do for you. For a long time I had very little movement in my shoulders and lower back. Since going to this clinic it is much better for me and I can reach a lot better than I could. Also walking has gotten better somewhat. These people do great work with you and have you feeling a lot better each visit. My time is over and I’m doing better and would’ve like to have had more time with them. I want everyone to know that this is a good place to go for your treatment. Much love to all.

– Reginald Cole

Dr. Huffman and his staff are the best of the best!! I have been a patient of Dr. Huffman for years and I can attest to how professional, helpful, funny and kind that he is. His team, Joe, Mike and Tra, are great to work with. It’s always a great atmosphere when I go to therapy. Hands down, one of the best physical therapy clinics around!!

– Tanisha Hodge