Optimal Performance Membership

Our Optimal performance membership is your next step after finishing chiropractic/rehab care. ​This program is a popular option helping people like you feel confident in performing more advanced exercises and get past through your mental and physical barriers.

Functional Movement Screen

Optimal Performance Membership

Nutrition & Mindset Coaching

Group and Online Fitness Training

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The program is designed to provide you with the best long-term solution to stay healthy and pain free.

You will be getting the benefits of One-on-One coaching, Nutrition coaching, Mindset coaching and Online coaching to keep you accountable and reach your health and fitness goals safer and faster.


The optimal performance membership consists of four steps:

1. Functional Movement Screen (FMS): We help to identify asymmetries and weaknesses to avoid future injuries. ​

2. Optimal performance Membership: Through a personalized program we help you improve your mobility, flexibility and strength & conditioning to reach your fitness goals​

3. Nutrition & Mindset Coaching: We help you build confidence and healthy mindset and eating habits to reach your fitness goals. ​

4. Group and online fitness training: Staying active with community support and staying accountable to accomplish all your fitness goals

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