Youth Sports Safety: 5 Key Questions Every Parent Must Ask

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Blog, Youth Sports | 1 comment |

Dr. Jay Greenstein, CEO of Sport and Spine Rehab shares 5 key questions that every parent should ask before enrolling your child in a youth sports program.


  1. What is your emergency action plan More importantly, is the plan in writing and does everyone including coaches, parents, and volunteers know what the plan is?
  2. What is your communication strategy with parents when there is a non-emergency injury?
  3. Does your organization have a written concussion protocol?
  4. Have coaches had training on sports injury-prevention, sports nutrition, dehydration, and concussion management?
  5. Does the organization have a policy for background checks and is it available to review?

Sport and Spine Rehab offers a free concussions seminar for every audience. Coaches, parents, and student-athletes. These seminars offer the latest evidence-based research, provide information on how to protect student-athletes, and get expert advice on treatment options.

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