What Makes a Good Fitness Program

What Makes a Good Fitness Program

We sit too much. Our lives just are not as active as they should be. That?s why our exercise routine must address quality movement on a consistent basis. Consistency might mean an exercise program to include two 45 min sessions and one 20-min mobility session per week, or it might mean 20-mins every day and then one hour on the weekend. The common factor in both of these examples is that the total weekly time equates to less than 2.5 hours. In our busy lives, few of us have a lot of time for fitness. If you work out effectively and consistently, you don?t need a ton of time. Simply stick with a consistent schedule for three to four months and see great improvements in total health and fitness.

Because we are largely sedentary, we must engage in corrective exercise. It does us no good to do squats in our program, if our squat pattern is less than optimal. We put ourselves at risk of injury, or we simply not gain the full benefits of the exercise, thus derailing or devaluing our results potential. Learn what is tight, weak, or deficient in your movement and then address it!

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Your exercise should be preparing you for life. Given how busy we all are, we need to address all the aspects of fitness in as little time as possible. Running, biking, dance classes, etc. address the cardiovascular system. But, they generally don?t do much to build strength. Strength is defined here as the ability for the body to recruit tension adequately enough to cause metabolic change. Here?s a test? If you can perform a given activity more than 8 repetitions, it is not a strength activity. Certainly this rule has plenty of gray area, but the illustration shows that lifting a 10lb dumbbell while walking on the treadmill will certainly get you tired, but will not help improve your metabolism, which optimizes your ability to burn fat ALL the time.

Please consider these items when thinking about your exercise program. The first steps are to look at what you are doing, determine what might be missing and what you could do better. Take this survey to begin developing your health and fitness goals.

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