Travel Pain-Free With These Simple Stretches

Travel Pain-Free With These Simple Stretches

Travel Pain-Free With These Simple Stretches


Traveling is tough on your body. You are forced to spend extended periods of time sitting in uncomfortable positions. Taking time to stretch out your neck, back and hips periodically will be able to enjoy a pain-free trip!

You can do these easy stretches from the car, the airplane, or at your desk, to help keep you loose and prevent aches and pains.

Travel Pain-Free: Neck Stretch

Sit on your right hand, then take your left ear to your left shoulder. Sitting on your hand keeps your right shoulder from creeping up as you lower your head to the left. This gives you a nice stretch down the right side of your neck and even into your arm. Hold for 30 seconds. Then switch. Sit on your left hand, and bring your right ear to your right shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat two or three times on each side.

Next, sitting on your right hand, look to the left then lower your head down to look toward your collar bone. This will give you a stretch down the back of the neck and into your shoulder blade. Hold for 30 seconds two or three times on both sides.

Travel Pain-Free: Low Back / Hip Stretch

Sit forward on your chair and sit tall. Tilt the pelvis and rock back and forth for two sets of 10. This will mobilize the pelvis and lower back to prevent stiffness while you sit.

Travel Pain-Free: Low Back / Lateral Side Stretch

Put your right leg behind your left foot. Reach your right arm up and grab onto a doorway above your head. Lean out, pushing your right hip away from the door. You’ll feel the stretch all the way down your side and into the hip. Try turning your hips in toward the door for an extra stretch.

Doing these easy stretches throughout your trip will help prevent stiffness! Be sure to take breaks to stand up and walk around, and stay hydrated. Enjoy!