Tension Headache? Fix Tight Traps

Tension Headache? Fix Tight Traps

Does that tension ever turn into headaches?

  • A lot of us carry stress in our neck and upper traps, which can trigger a tension headache and cause pain in our back and shoulders.
What the Big Deal About Traps ?

The traps directly play into neck pain and tension headaches because they have a front row seat to the action. They have attachments on the skull, spine, shoulder blade, and collarbone, so generally speaking, poor trap development and activation can cause a world of pain.

Posture is Key

The state of your traps can indicate whether your posture is good or bad – If you spend most of your day sitting, maintaining good posture is crucial to minimize pain in the neck and back. Various stressors can cause our upper back to become tense so remember to not slouch over your work and take some time every hour to stand up and move.

When working out, make sure you maintain proper posture as well. Keep your shoulders down and back, especially if you’re doing upper body work

A Few Rehab Exercises to Relieve Tension

If you have good posture but still experience trap tightness or headaches, we got you covered!

Try the following 5 exercises to loosen up those traps and get some relief:

Still Not Working Right?

If that tension headache is still sticking around, give us a ring and stop by one of our clinics for top notch treatment and recovery. Here are some of the services we offer: 

  • Chiropractic adjustments 
  • Cupping therapy 
  • Scraping (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) 
  • Dry needling 
  • Massage therapy 
  • Rehab exercises?
  • Compression therapy (Normatec)?

Don’t forget: if you’re experiencing pain, you may not need a referral from your physician to begin treatment with us. Call us today to verify your benefits!

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