Standing Desks… Are they worth it?

by | Jun 1, 2018 | What's New | 1 comment

Standing Desks… are they worth it?

SSR’s Dr. Jay Greenstein went on air with Horace Holmes of ABC7 to give us the 411.

You can probably guess that sitting all day long is not great for your body. When you finally stand up after long periods of sitting, chances are you feel stiff and achy in your back and hips. You might even hear some pops and cracks as you take the first few steps.

On top of creating what Dr. Jay calls a “Mushy Tushy”, prolonged sitting can cause serious health problems.

Increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar, increased weight, and higher cholesterol levels. Sitting can be stressful on the spine, which effects the central nervous system. There are even studies that show it can lead to death!

Dr. Jay on standing desks with ABC7

So what’s the answer Standing desks?

The ability to easily go from sitting to standing without interrupting work is a game-changer. Switch up your position while you work and get your body moving!

Standing Desks cost anywhere from $100-1700. Dr. Jay says it’s WORTH IT! Do yourself a favor and invest in a sit-to-stand desk. It will make your workday more enjoyable while preventing health concerns down the road. Win-Win!

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