SSR’s Curt Christiansen Happier, Healthier Me: Week Thirty-Three

SSR’s Curt Christiansen Happier, Healthier Me: Week Thirty-Three

?Crisis Center calls increase following Robin William’s death?

This was one of those weeks when the meaning of A Happier and Healthier Me drills down a little deeper. Not everyone is happy. Not everyone is healthy. We were reminded this week what can happen when those situations occur together.

My daughter Hayley (the Social Sciences teacher) had sent me an article she was referencing. I thought it might be a good time to share some it.

It opened with this statement, ?A good theoretical perspective in psychology should help us understand not only our broader social world, but also our personal world?and help us live a better life.?

I liked that, our mission here is to enrich lives, so let?s see:

Following are 10 ways that can help guide our personal lives in positive ways:

1. Follow moral codes: Encourage people to sacrifice their selfish interests for the good of the broader group

2. Prioritize family: Family matters. Blood is very thick. Call your parents. Love your children. And stay in touch with your cousins.

3. Focus on friendships: Developing friends is an essential part of our heritage. Don?t blow it! So be a loyal friend.

4. Don’t forget to love: Love is a wonderful thing. Make sure that you have plenty of it in your life.

5. Expect a long social life: Form relationships. Have a consistent social group across long periods of time and you will benefit accordingly.

6. Expect a long physical life: Taking time to form healthy and trusting long-term relationships across the lifespan is essential.

7. Treat others like you live in a world of 150 people: If you were only going to see the same 150 people?and only them?for the next 40 or so years, how would you treat them? Kindly, of course!

8. Get out into nature: Today we spend too much time inside and too little time out in nature. So take a hike, run outside, take out a canoe, take the kids to the beach, or climb a mountain.

9. Eat, exercise, and live naturally: a lack of exercise leads to such adverse physical health outcomes as obesity and heart disease. And a lack of natural foods in one?s diet similarly leads to such adverse health outcomes as Type-II diabetes and premature death

10. Cultivate life: Parent, work as a teacher or camp counselor, a social work, take on foster children or foster, or work on initiatives to improve the environment, plant a vegetable garden, care for it, take out the weeds, fend off the critters, water it, and watch it grow.

Sounds like there are some good things to consider and help us live a better life. Some we have discussed before.

This was a message sent out to our folks at my company this week by one on our leadership team:

?R.I.P. Robin Williams. I grew up laughing with this hilarious man in films and comedy specials. It?s so sad to know that he was so troubled and didn?t feel he had any other way out. Please know that if you or anyone you know (co-workers) need help we have the Employee Assistance Program available to help anonymously, or you can reach out to any of us at any time. Take care of each other.

I liked that too. We do need to take care of each other.

And there is help out there when we need it.

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