SSR research presented

by | Jun 21, 2010 | Blog | 1 comment

This weekend, Dr. Bishop?presented SSR research at a?conference in?Rome. He was asked to be a feature speaker at Kinesio Taping? Symposium, an international, multi-disciplinary symposium on all things Kinesio?.?At the symposium, he?presented the Kinesiotape? research conducted at at the Rockville Sport and Spine clinic.

In July, Dr. Jay and Dr. Bishop are going to Greece to participate in another year of TRAC (Thera-band Research Advisory Committee). They will be presenting?SSR research?on the results of using a Thera-band loop with the Redskins Cheerleaders. They will also be presenting the Kinesiotape and Biofreeze study data from the research currently being? gathered in our Rockville clinic.

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