SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me: Week Twenty Three

SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me: Week Twenty Three

Kim and I are on vacation. We are at the beach, South Bethany Beach.

I have been trying to figure out what has been different about this vacation.

Let?s see, I haven?t caught any fish?..

No that?s pretty typical?..

Me: Kim, this vacation seems different, what?s different about it?

Kim: Well let me see, you haven?t caught any fish, so that?s not it??.

Me: Okay, okay?… c?mon seriously?

Kim: I know what it is, you?re not working?

Me: Well it?s a vacation, I am not supposed to be working?

Kim: Exactly, that?s what?s different about this vacation, you are not working?.you always work while we are on vacation. Look around the room………. you have your 25? PC, your laptop, your iPad, your printer, your scanner, your extra printer cartridge, your extra ream of paper, your wi-fi, your back up drive, your little yellow legal pads??I am surprised you didn?t bring Lois???but you haven?t really used any of them?..and you have only talked to Lois once??.

Hmm?.she has a point??.

I brought Tony Hsieh?s book, ?Delivering Happiness? to the beach to read. I will admit, I haven?t read much of it. I really liked this part from the Preface (and yes, I have gotten beyond the Preface), when he talked about his writing style:

?You will probably notice some sentences that aren?t the best examples of English grammar??I am not a professional writer??..because I wanted the writing to reflect how I would normally talk???

My wife tells this funny story about when she was in college at the University of West Virginia. She went to see her English Comp instructor to discuss some paper she was writing. The instructor told her:

?You write like you speak and you speak like a hick, now go to the library and figure it out.?

My wife is from western Pennsylvania and has a very charming way of expressing herself, like any other Western Pennsylvanian.

I can guarantee you that those are the exact words I would have chosen to motivate a bright, young, impressionable college student to like English Comp.

I am from New Jersey and I too write like I talk (eh, whatsa matter? You gotta problem with that?).

My musings will always be written as I speak.

Many at SSR are in a ?Biggest Loser? type challenge. Cat, one of my co-workers sent out quote of the day? this week that went like this: ?DISCIPLINE is just choosing between what you want NOW, and what you want MOST! She also mentioned she had lost six pounds and very encouragingly said, ?What about you? We can do this!?

Ouch she lost six pounds! That is terrific!

When I first weighed in for the challenge I weighed 166.5 pounds. That is one half a pound more than the 166 pounds that got me into this whole Happier, Healthier thing in the first place! More concerning however is at the weigh in BEFORE I left for vacation I weighed 169.5 pounds! I gained THREE POUNDS in the first week of the Biggest Loser!

?DISCIPLINE is just choosing between what you want NOW and what you want MOST.?

My problem is, what I want NOW and what I want MOST is a large bucket of steamed clams from Mickey?s Crab House and an extra-large coca cola!

I am toast.

Tuesday on the fishing beach the Wounded Warriors were out in force. Bethany is very friendly to our Wounded Warriors. In September they have Operation SEAs the Day. The mission of this organization is to facilitate a beach week event for wounded soldiers and their families as a means of showing our appreciation for their service and sacrifice. Operation SEAs the Day is that beach week will be held September 2-7th. Bethany Beach will be hosting 30 soldiers and their immediate families. Here is their website if you would like to learn more:

Me: Kim, do you like my blog?

Kim: No, you are all over the place??

Me: Well, I am on vacation??..

Kim: And you told the hick story?.

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