SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me: Week Thirty-Five

SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me: Week Thirty-Five

Gosh, here we are at Labor Day Weekend already. Where did the summer go? And with 50 degree nights in August in the DC Metro area????what is up with that? I call a do-over!

The National Weather Service reported that August 10th was one of the month’s hottest days. The temperatures reached a high of 86 degrees that Sunday at BWI- Thurgood Marshall Airport in Baltimore.

Eighteen year old Marquese Meadow had played football for 10 years and dreamed of a career in the NFL. That Sunday he was attending his sixth practice in a row as a defensive lineman on the Morgan State University football team. He was a healthy six foot two, 300 pound freshman from the District of Columbia. According to the Baltimore Sun he became disoriented after practice, was hospitalized, and after spending two weeks in the hospital, he died last Sunday.

On Tuesday, it was reported that the autopsy revealed Marquese had died from accidental heat stroke.

I love the heat. I like to run in hot weather. But I am paying much more attention to hydration. You have to, because heat can be dangerous. It can be deadly.

This week, thanks to a presentation on nutrition and exercise given by Dr. Riccardo Tersigni at Potomac River Running?s Tyson Corner location, I learned about the Portman Calculator. The Portman Calculator was developed by Dr. Robert Portman, who according to his website ?is a well-known sports scientist in the United States whose research has focused on the impact of nutrition on athletic performance and muscle recovery. He has been a pioneer in the development of nutritional formulations that combine carbohydrate and protein and is responsible for creating and developing the first sports drink specifically engineered to facilitate muscle recovery following exercise.?

The Portman Calculator is based on the latest science regarding exercise intensity and the absorption capacity of the GI tract. So I went to this website and entered in my activity (running), my intensity (10 minute miles?.okay so I lied a little), my estimated race time (60 minutes?.okay so I lied a little again), and my weight (160 pounds, no lie!). The calculator indicated I would burn 726 Calories and the fluid I would need to replace would be 12 ounces at a rate of 1.9 ounces every 10 minutes and 19.4 calories of fluid every 10 minutes. It also indicated I would need to replace 116 calories and 17 grams of carbohydrates and 4 grams of protein. You should check it out.

For some more good information on hydration, as well as the signs and symptoms of heat related injuries check out this blog by Athletic Trainer Jena Etnoyer at this link

My family, having lost our fifteen year old athlete son twelve years ago, would like Benita Meadow, Marquese?s mom to know our thoughts and prayers are with her as well as those of our entire Sport and Spine Rehab family.

Lots of our kids are starting fall sports programs this month and 90 degree temperatures are predicted for next week, please take a moment and read Jena?s blog, it?s worth a few minutes.

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