SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me: Week Forty

SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me: Week Forty

?I don?t care, about sleep deprivation.

Ain?t had a problem, more rest and relaxation.

It don?t matter to me if the sun don?t shine

Because when I am with you baby, I lose all sense of time

I need a thirty six, I need a thirty six!

I need a thirty six!

Hour day! (For me to love you)?

Lyrics from ?36 Hour Day? by Pete Anderson


Its October already.


The beginning of the Fourth Quarter!

The leaves are changing already along the W&OD trail.

The sun is rising at 7:05 am and setting at 6:49 pm. That is more than 3 hours less daylight than in the middle of June and soon we will set the clocks back and it will be dark before Judge Judy is over.

There are only 56 days to Thanksgiving and 84 shopping days left until Christmas, and 13 weeks until 2015! And since this is blog week 40, there must be 53 weeks in 2014!

I currently have 9 turkey breasts cooking upstairs in the kitchen for the church senior luncheon.

I am trying to catch up on some work since I spent most of the day on the road and??.

It?s late on Thursday and its one of those rare weeks I have writer?s block and I just burned my last Ciabatta roll in toaster! (And I love Ciabatta rolls)

Yikes! I need a thirty six hour day!

The other day while running down on the W&OD and watching the leaves turn I heard ?36 Hour Day? on my iPod.

Unlike Pete, I know about sleep deprivation. And I do have a problem with more rest and relaxation. And it does matter to me if the sun is shining because there are a lot of things I just can?t do in the dark!

Wouldn?t it be great to have an extra twelve hours to get all that stuff done that needs doing and not have to stress about it.

Pete Anderson is a guitar player, song writer, and music producer probably best recognized as being Dwight Yoakum?s guitarist and producer for many years. In his song, ?36 Hour Day? he is singing about wanting a longer day so he can spend more time with his girl, his ?baby?.

Not that I wouldn?t spend more time with my best girl if I had a thirty six hour day, but the problem is my ?baby? would most likely see that extra twelve hours as an opportunity for me to clean the garage, paint the bedroom, and add a few more things to THE LIST. You know, the ?when you gonna do that?? list. I can hear her now ?okay so now that you have an extra twelve hours what?s it gonna be now??


Maybe that thirty six hour day isn?t such a good idea after all. Maybe having a thousand things to do and running around every waking hour is what it?s all about. Maybe I like being stressed out! So what if the sun goes down at 4:30 and I am scared of treadmills! Yeah, maybe I like being up at 11:30 pm trying to write a blog that is due in the morning, and what the heck, I probably wouldn?t be sleeping anyway!

And what does ol? Pete know anyway?..sleeping till 3 in the afternoon, laying on the couch, hanging out with his girl?.sure, he?s a guitar player and everybody knows ?that ain?t working!?

There, I feel better???. I am happier now???? I better go check those turkeys.

And in case you haven?t heard it from us already, October is National Chiropractic Health Month. Give your chiropractor a hug or a fist bump or something.

And, it is National Physical Therapy Month too so do the same for your PT.

Hey and don?t forget the 2014 Spartan Spooktacular on Saturday October the 25th at Broad Run High School:

And this weekend Potomac River Running has a 5K Saturday and Sunday, here is the link to PR Races:

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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Chief Operating Officer
Sport and Spine Rehab
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pete anderson
Pete Anderson with Dwight Yoakum
october 12
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