SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me: Week 8

SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me: Week 8

Whenever I put on my compression running tights, my kids go crazy. They act like they are nauseous and wretch and say silly things like ?oh no, I think I just threw up in my mouth.?

Hayley: ?Really Dad?…………I mean Really?………..Do we really need to see all that??

Savannah: ?Seriously! You are not really going to go outside like that are you? Put on a robe or something!?

Alexa: Well, Alexa lives in Florida. But if she was here she would just make that funny face she makes when she scrunches her mouth to one side, shake her head, maybe yawn a little, and go back to reading her book. She doesn?t get all this working out stuff. Her idea of exercise is picking up her book (resistance) and carrying it down to the pool (cardio). She claims she didn?t get the gene either. Well, I guess we can?t all be athletes.

But anyway, I tell them if you are going be in the race, you?ve got to have the gear and look the part. According to the kids at least, I guess I just have parts that shouldn?t be looked at.

Back to gear.

IPod ? not really official gear but totally changed my distance running attitude.

Compression socks ? I got these on the advice of my buddy Jim. Good advice.

GPS watch ? I don?t actually own one of these but I borrowed Savannah?s on Sunday when I went out to do my long run on the streets since the bike trail was still covered with snow. It?s cool. I had to keep it in my pocket though because it?s pink and only girls wear pink GPS watches.

Shoes ? The last 10 years or so I have worn Brooks running shoes. I mentioned in last week?s blog that Sport and Spine Rehab is now a sponsor of the Potomac River Running Race Team. So this week I decided to go over to Potomac River Running?s Reston location and buy a new pair of running shoes. There I met store manager Shannon Scanlon. Shannon put me on device that measures the pressure points on my feet and shows what kind of arch I have. Then she put me on the tread mill (don?t worry, she spotted me) and watched on a video how my feet and ankles were acting while actually running. Then, just to be sure she watched me run across the store and back. Then she explained all the different aspects of how running shoes are made to provide different types of support and stability. She brought out four pairs of running shoes that she thought would fit my needs, only two were Brooks. She told me to find one that felt like an extension of my foot, one that was immediately comfortable. I tried them all on and found the Saucony to feel the best. As it turned out, the shoes I chose were the least expensive of the four. So I got evaluated and fitted to a new pair of shoes with no attempt to upsell me, she just wanted me to find the best pair of shoes. Great experience! If you need new running shoes or any other running gear and you are in the Reston area, go see Shannon. Otherwise visit one of the other Potomac River Running locations.

This week I stepped up my distance to get prepared for the Reston 10 Miler. That included a 9.5 miler confirmed by the GPS watch and a 7 miler in my new running shoes. I am feeling better about the race. I am a big fan of thoroughbred horse racing and familiar with adage ?pace wins the race.? In my case, since the chance of winning is kind of like pig?s flying, it will be ?pace finishes the race.?

Shannon PRR







Shannon Scanlon, Store Manager
Potomac River Running?s Reston location

Thanks Shannon!

Curt Christiansen
Chief Operating Officer
Sport and Spine Rehab
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