SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me: Week 10

SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me: Week 10

Wow what a crazy week. The race, the snow, one degree, then 50 degrees. The cool thing about this week is that I have been getting lots of feedback from people who say they have been following the blog and getting inspired to go out and run! Even my wife! Kim went in to see Shannon and the crew at Reston?s Potomac River Running and they hooked her up with some new Brooks shoes that they said would help her avoid knee pain and you know what? So far, running with no knee pain! See, those guys really do know what they are talking about! Go see them!

I got a lot of responses to last weeks? blog. Some said they didn?t realize I was such a train wreck (that was mostly my family). And then there was the CNN interview.

My wife is my biggest supporter and of course I love her with all my heart. Some of you might remember the I Love Lucy show with Desi Arnaz as Ricky Riccardo and Lucille Ball as Lucy. Since I met Kim I have always kind of felt this sort of parallel with Ricky. The CNN interview was one of those I Love Lucy (Kimmy) moments.

Kim came home from work one evening and said:

Kim: Honey I volunteered you for something.

Me: Really what was that?

Kim: An interview.

Me: An interview (quizzically)?.an interview with who?

Kim: CNN.

Me: What? What do you mean CNN?

Kim: You know CNN???on TV..

Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah I know CNN on TV?? but I don?t want to be on CNN on TV!

Kim: It?s really important, you need to do this, it is about sleep apnea.

Me: Well when do I have to do this, can I think about it?

Kim: Tomorrow.

Me: Tomorrow! What do you mean tomorrow? What time tomorrow?

Kim: I don?t know they are going to call me.

Me: They are going to call you? You don?t know what time? They are just going to call you?

Kim: Yes and then I am going to call you.

Me: You are going to call me? Do you/they realize I work 50 miles away and I am very busy right now?

Kim: It?s going to be fine honey, I am going to do it with you, it?s important.














But she was right as usual, it was all good, it all worked out, and it was kind of cool. And we always end up like this:









And I am really happy Kim is starting to run again. Now we can get working on those flabby calves again??ooops. Sorry honey that was uninsplainable!

And the rest of you too! Get out and run around! Get Happier! Get Healthier!

Thanks to everyone for your support with my recent quest to run 10 miles. A special thanks to my buddy Jim Jochems for his support and guidance. Jim has been an inspiration to me the last few years in many ways. Now he can add another!

And, I have signed on with the Move For Hunger Race Team to help fight hunger in America and to run the Long Branch Half Marathon through the Jersey shore neighborhoods where I grew up and used to hang out. That is April 27th.

And also, this is Brain Injury Awareness Month and National Athletic Training Month and we have some SSR programs we are doing the last week of March and the first week of April discussing concussions and injury prevention in youth sports. If you are involved in youth sports check out the info on our Facebook page.

Have a great weekend!

Curt Christiansen
Chief Operating Officer
Sport and Spine Rehab
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