SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me – The End

SSR Curt Christiansen’s Happier, Healthier Me – The End

This is the end, beautiful friend

This is the end, my only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end

Of everything that stands, the end

No safety or surprise, the end

I’ll never look into your eyes, again

Jim Morrison ? From ?The End?


I always thought that was a cool song???I?ve always wanted to use it somehow???.dark though??.not very ?Happier-ish.? Okay, now I have that out of my system.

So enough with the drama, 2014 was a great year!

I did a lot of things I wouldn?t have imagined I would do when I committed to writing this weekly.

Though running was something I was used to doing for exercise, I had certainly never run in snow before this year and never trained in 5 degree or worse conditions. That would have been out of the question in the past.

I ran a bunch of 5K?s and a bunch of 10K?s, not that big a deal I guess, but I many more than I would typically do.

However, the last time I ran a 10 miler, I think was 1992 or thereabouts. This past year I ran three.

And I was very happy to have completed my first half marathon running the roads and along the beaches I grew up around in New Jersey.

And I started riding my bike again for an alternative workout.

But I wasn?t successful at everything I attempted. My effort to return to a weight that I had maintained for a number of years was not so successful, and that was the whole reason I started this thing in the first place. I was up and down and finished about where I started as the holidays took control once again. But overall I would say I learned to eat better more consistently (just maybe not recently) and at least know what I need to do, and maybe more importantly, what I need to not do to get there (not doing it is of course the challenge).

And the half marathon I had planned to run in December in Rehoboth Beach had to be scrapped. I just hadn?t trained enough.

But along the way I had a lot of fun and met a lot of neat people. The Potomac River Running crew; the running community out on the Delaware Shore; many race organizers, sponsors, and folks that worked or volunteered for charitable organizations that benefited from the events.

And I had a couple of great coaches too in Emily Cebulski from Team Move for Hunger and of course My Buddy Jim.

And it was nice from time to time to hear that at least maybe a few folks got out and started running as a result of my experience.

And the most important outcome of writing this blog was that I got my wingman back! Kim started running again after a twelve year hiatus. We ran lots of races together and had many great times, though she wasn?t a very cooperative sidekick when it came to making race videos.

And contrary to the words of the song, I know it?s not The End and I?m hoping to get to look into the eyes of a lot more new folks in 2015 and I hope many of those I met this past year. Kim and I are both going back to New Jersey to run the New Jersey Half Marathon in the spring on the Move for Hunger Team again. I am also excited that Sport and Spine Rehab will continue its relationship with Potomac River Running again in 2015.

My goal for 2015 is to do three half marathons and to continue to chase that elusive weight goal.

I would like to thank everyone who read the blog and I especially appreciated the positive feedback. I hope you will continue to keep an eye on the Sport and Spine Rehab Facebook Fan page and the information available on our website as we continue our quest to make those that we encounter happier and healthier. Lots of great stuff planned for 2015!

So now in the end, I hope everyone has a great weekend and a very Happy 2015 New Year!

Thanks again for letting me share and having so much fun doing it.


Curt Christiansen

Chief Operating Officer

Sport and Spine Rehab

[email protected]


Me and Santa
Me and Kim


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