SSR and Michael Walton Foundation Field Day

SSR and Michael Walton Foundation Field Day

It seemed to be by pure happenstance that Sport and Spine Rehab was introduced to the Michael Walton Foundation, but sometimes happenstance and coincidence are all it takes to make a difference in so many lives, including my own.

For the last few years, I have been involved and am currently on the Board of Directors for a local charity called DC SCORES. That charity, in part, helps provide youth in poorer, less advantaged communities with the chance to play soccer in order to get physically fit and feel a part of a team ? i.e. be a part of something bigger than themselves. Well, along comes the Michael Walton Foundation and #FieldDayDC. This day of physical fitness, sport, fun, team building, and more was just what they and I needed. I felt like a kid again: running around, coaching and leading the team to do things that they didn?t think they could do (like winning the tug-of-war competition)!

I have to say that the Michael Walton Foundation and #FieldDayDC is a must for anyone looking to make a small but meaningful impact in a child?s life and have a dramatic impact in your own life as well!

Please click the link more information about the Michael Walton Foundation.

Dr. Barton Bishop, PT, DPT
Chief Clinical Officer
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