Sport and Spine Rehab Puts More Fun in FUNHAB?

Sport and Spine Rehab Puts More Fun in FUNHAB?

Always innovative, Sport and Spine Rehab developed its FUNHAB? program as the field?s most advanced research-based functional rehabilitation set of protocols. FUNHAB ? ensures optimal biomechanical and neurophysiological function with its comprehensive physical rehab approach. According to the company?s website, FUNHAB ? is designed to adapt itself to each individual?s specific nerve, muscle and joint dysfunctions and correct them. The human body is constantly adapting to its environment experiencing an ever-changing chain of events. When one part of the body experiences a trauma, this complex set of interactions is altered once again, potentially leading to further injury and trauma in adjacent locations. These will worsen and hamper recovery if not monitored and treated concurrently with the rehabilitation of the primary injury site.

Dr. Chris Steacy of Sport and Spine Rehab of Columbia, a chiropractor and Dr. Rob Agosto, a doctor of physical therapy are currently in the process of reviewing the FUNHAB? protocols to insure that they remain up to date with the current research. That revision could include however a real boost to the ?fun? in FUNHAB?. Dr. Riccardo Tersigni and his team at Sport and Spine Rehab of McLean are currently evaluating the use of Nintendo?s Wii as an addition to the FUNHAB ?rehab protocols.

wSaid Dr. Tersigni, ?We are hoping to improve the experience and make it fun as well as productive for our patients. There has been almost an entire field of study now called ?Wii-Hab? which is devoted to using the Wii as a rehab platform. We?ve gotten a lot of great information and it turns out these are great exercises which closely resemble the goals we are trying to get our patients to achieve. We felt this would be a great idea for our patients, as it becomes a much more fun and interactive, to improve compliance and results.?

The Wii-Hab approach has some gotten some big support. Researchers at Johns Hopkins implemented the Wii?s Play and Fit video games into a 22-patient study. And at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Wii therapy was found to be well suited for patients injured in combat in Iraq.

Sport and Spine Rehab provides chiropractic, physical therapy, and rehab services at seven locations in the Maryland and Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Services include Graston Technique, Kinesio Taping Method, and Funhab? which is Sport and Spine Rehab’s own trademarked research-based functional rehab protocols.

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