Sport and Spine Rehab Partners with i9 Sports in Loudoun

Sport and Spine Rehab Partners with i9 Sports in Loudoun

We are very excited to announce our partnership with i9 Sports! Sport and Spine Rehab’s vision is to make the world a happier, healthier place. We strive to be involved in our communities and what better way to help prevent injuries in sports by educating parent, coaches and the athletes. Sport and Spine Rehab?s innovative and functional whole-body approach to sports injuries is designed to reduce future injury risk and maximize human performance naturally. Like our Facebook page for future updates and stay connected.

About i9 Sports: We Provide An Experience Beyond The Game
To achieve our mission of helping kids succeed in life through sports, we believe the value we provide must go far beyond the sport itself. We focus on how the game is played, how much fun we can make it for the kids, and how easy we can make it for the parents.

i9 Sports offers an alternative to the disorganized, hyper-competitive, win-at- all-cost culture that pervades most youth sports programs today through a customer experience that delivers fun, safety, and convenience:

? For Kids: We provide a fun, safe experience, in which kids can learn basic athletic skills, learn good sportsmanship, and increase their self-esteem.

? For Parents: We provide a convenient, well organized program that doesn?t consume their family?s life.

i9 Sports?s name was chosen to symbolize nine key differences in our approach to youth sports: We are imaginative, innovative, interactive, integrity-driven, impassioned, inspirational, instructional, insightful and inclusive.

i9 Sports literally means ?i? to the 9th power!
To find out more information call 571.225.5494 or visit us at

Register before our Spring Deadline March 21st!!i9

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