Sochi Olympics 2014

Sochi Olympics 2014

Medscape is a part of WebMD Health Professional Network and is a web resource for physicians and other health professionals. Recently, Medscape interviewed Dr. Gloria M. Beim, MD in a post titled US Olympic Team Doc: Challenges and Advice for Athletes. Dr. Gloria Beim is a Board certified Orthopaedic Surgeon with specialty fellowship training in shoulder surgery, knee surgery, arthroscopy and sports medicine. Dr. Beim was the Team Physician for Team Prep USA and the U.S. Track Cycling Team at the Athens Olympics; the medical director and team physician for the Team USA at the London Summer Olympics in 2012; and this year is the Team USA Chief Medical Officer for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

We need to remember that we need to exercise to be ready to play. As children we play as a form of exercise. Once we start school or working our overall activity level may start to decrease. As adults we need to prepare our bodies before that weekend warrior burst of activity. Olympic athletes don?t need to worry about that because they are training constantly.

Though the entire interview is long I would highly recommend reviewing it and we have it posted on our SSR Website Education Page. However, I wanted to point out some of Dr. Beim?s advice that resonates with the advice and the techniques we use with our patients here at Sport and Spine Rehab.

Dr. Beim discusses proper muscle balance, strengthening and stabilizing the hips as the best way to treat the knees. The imbedded video features SSR?s Dr. Barton Bishop explaining the Fire Hydrant exercise which can help the hips.

Dr. Beim also discusses how the less glamorous exercises using bands to stabilize the rotator cuff which are used prominently in our rehab protocols are in fact what prevents injuries. The next embedded video is the Shoulder External Rotation Dynamic Isometric exercise again explained by Dr. Bishop.

She mentions the importance of stretching, and flexibility exercises and finally, she recommends using techniques like GRASTON to treat scar tissue. Graston Technique plays a vital role in our treatment modalities.

It?s a fascinating interview that I would highly recommend reading. It?s great to have our low tech rehab techniques reinforced at such a high level. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about any of the content in this blog or in the interview.

Martin C. Donnelly, DC, CCEP, CKTP, FAKTR-PM
GRASTON Certified
Clinic Director at Sport and Spine Rehab, Fairfax VA.
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