Sarah B.- Sterling, VA

Sarah B.- Sterling, VA

“Dr. Choi is absolutely amazing! I began seeing her late in my second trimester because of extreme back and hip pain. Here I am just weeks away from delivering and I feel like a new woman. Also, my baby was not in the correct position a couple of weeks ago and Dr. Choi performed moxibustion on me. THis is a form of acupuncture to help turn breeched babies. She explained the entire process to me in detail and made me feel comfortable with the procedure. It was a painless procedure and after two treatments, my baby is now facing down! Thanks, Dr. Choi!”

*Please note, Dr. Choi is now treating patients full time in our Columbia, MD location.
*Also note, that Dr. Choi does not perform moxibustion before consulting with your OB/GYN.

Lin Kuhn- Sterling, VA

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