Read all about it!

Read all about it!

Dynamic Chiropractic’s PracticeINSIGHTS magazine published an article by Dr. Jay in their May issue, entitled “A 7-Step Plan for Implementing a Rehabilitation Program in 30 Days.” In addition to making the case that active care should be a part of every practitioner’s patient treatment plan, the article lays out ways to:?create buy-in from staff, increase compliance, proejct the financials, create protocols,? provide clinical training, buy equipment, and implement the program.


In addition, the ACANews June edition features an article by Dr. Jay entitled “Story of Success: How Guidelines Helped David Beat Goliath.” This article focuses on how evidence can be used to fight claim denials, as well as establish relationships with other providers. The article outlines a recent case study from the SSR practice, and the steps that were taken to resolve the insurance denial issue.

Congrats to Dr. Jay for his inclusion in two?high profile?publications!

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