Preventing Low Back Pain: Tips from Sport & Spine Rehab

Preventing Low Back Pain: Tips from Sport & Spine Rehab

Low back pain can be a fairly serious condition. And while some back pain is unavoidable, such as back pain from injuries, most low back pain is preventable. In fact, the best two ways to avoid back pain are to improve your physical condition and your body mechanics.

Physical Conditioning

  1. Regular Exercise: Regular, low-impact exercises, like walking or swimming, can improve the strength of your back and thus alleviate back pain. Ask your doctor which activities are best for you.
  2. Healthy Weight: Walking around with extra weight is not good for your back. It puts unneeded strain on your back.

Proper Body Mechanics

One of the often overlooked elements of back pain is proper body mechanics. They way in which we literally carry ourselves has a lot of impact on our bodies.

  1. Stand Tall: Good posture can help reduce the amount of stress on your lower back.
  2. Sit Up: Sit up straight and choose a chair with good back support. If your chair does not have such support and you will be sitting for an extended period of time, consider placing a pillow in the small of your back for added support. Also be sure to change sitting positions at least once an hour.
  3. Lift with your Legs: When lifting, keep your back straight and bend at the knees. Avoid lifting and twisting simultaneously.

Sport & Spine Rehab: Alleviating your Low Back Pain

Are you suffering from low back pain? If so, give Sport & Spine Rehab a call today! We provide state of the art comprehensive care by combining chiropractic, physical therapy, rehabilitation and patient education to eliminate symptoms, restore full function and promote a healthy lifestyle. Our highly qualified doctors provide care to a wide range of patients for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

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