Back Pain? Do Core Strengthening Exercises

Back Pain? Do Core Strengthening Exercises

Does Santa have back pain ?

Of course not! Santa stays on top of his core strengthening exercises to prevent back pain and ensure top performance when climbing up and down chimneys on Christmas Eve. If Santa can find time in his busy life to work his abs, so can you! It only takes a few minutes each morning when you wake up, and the benefits of a strong core are huge.

Why do you need a strong core ?
  • Decrease risk of injury  A weak core and abs are heavily linked to back pain and back injuries. Take prehab into your own hands and make your core as strong as possible to lessen the likelihood of injury.
  • Improve performance  Whether you’re an athlete or just the average person completing your day to day activities, strengthening your core will help you perform all kinds of movements better.
  • Increase spinal stabilization and body control  Your core wraps around your entire midsection. It’s much more than just the 6-pack muscle we often associate with our abs and core. Exercises like the ones we show here provide increased body stabilization.
Follow along to see Santas core strengthening exercises for a jolly ol pain free time!
Common Weight Loss Misconception

MYTH: Doing ab exercises will make you lose weight in your midsection. Some people follow a claim called spot reduction, which says exercising a certain area or muscles will cause weight loss in that area. For example, someone may do an unreasonable amount of ab exercises just in an attempt to reduce belly fat. The reality is… this is not the best way to reduce fat mass! A consistent, full body resistance training routine that incorporates exercises for your core is a great, scientifically proven way to increase lean body mass while decreasing fat mass.

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