Low Impact Exercises for the Pool

Low Impact Exercises for the Pool

With summer coming to a close quite a few people tend to cuddle up on the couch and avoid exercising out in the cold. But there?s no need! If you enjoy running or exercising but are looking for an alternative to the cold and the hard pavement, there are a number of great exercises that can be done in a pool with the added benefit of being able to take the load off your joints. So find a pool (there is one close to each of our clinics and I?m sure in a neighborhood nearby) and enjoy these fun and refreshing exercises.

? Water walking/running ? resistance belts will help keep you afloat and provide a little extra resistance for a harder workout. You can walk or, if you so choose, run in the shallow water or deep (with the belt) for a little more work.

? Arm exercises ? add some hand webs or flotation weights for extra resistance and you can emulate all arm exercises including bicep curls, jumping jacks, triceps dips on steps, etc the possibilities are endless!

? Leg exercises ? grab a noodle, wrap it around your ankle and you have a simple leg weight! You can flex your knees to 90 degrees, with arms against the wall for support, then kick out for a little core workout.

If you want an extra little push and some fun music and energy to go with it, check out the Aqua Zumba website to find a class near you (or check our your community pool as they usually have water aerobics classes, as well).

Dr. Ali Perez, DC, ART
Doctor of Chiropractic
Clinic Director, Sport and Spine Rehab of Sterling
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