Kaizo Health Brings the Latest Technology To Patients!

Kaizo Health Brings the Latest Technology To Patients!

Introducing New Treatment Tools at Kaizo Health!

Our Clinical Research Institute, Kaizo CRI, partners with some of the top product development companies for their research and data collection. So when a new piece of equipment is in the works, we’re the first to know!

Check out some of the new equipment we have in our clinics!

The NormaTec is a compression device that speeds up recovery and improves outcomes. We use the NormaTec on legs, arms, or hips to rejuvenate muscle tissue and reduce tightness and soreness.


The Hypervolt is a cordless state-of-the-art vibration massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility.


The Lymphatouch enhances rehab using negative pressure treatment. It improves joint functionality and helps with swelling and scarring, fascial tightness, muscle recovery and pain.


The Cubii is a compact elliptical that we use in rehab for people with knee, hip, and ankle pain to rehabilitate and maintain motion. Movement is medicine!


The VibraCool is a vibrational cryotherapy tool that instantly relives pain! Ice decreases pain and inflammation, while decreasing blood flow to stiffen muscles. Adding vibrational massage improves blood flow, enhancing the removal of lactic acid, reduces pain and loosens stiff muscles.

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