Jodi, Fairfax, VA – June 2012

by | Jun 28, 2012 | Testimonials, What's New | 1 comment

My 12-year old daughter is being seen at Sport and Spine to correct her knees, which have been popping. ?This is preventative care to make sure she doesn’t get an ACL tear–she is a very active young girl, and has been playing Lacrosse competitively for several years. Her father and I were aware that ACL injuries are common among active, young women and that is why we decided to get her into physical therapy at SSR. ? She likes the treatment and is having fun. ?She is always happy to come to her appointment! I am amazed by how much time and attention the doctor gives her at each visit. You find a lot of doctor’s offices where you may like the doctor but not the staff, but not at Sport and Spine Rehab. Simone at the front desk and the rest of the staff are so friendly and helpful, we feel very comfortable here!

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