Jennifer – Sport and Spine Athletic Client

by | Aug 28, 2013 | KaizoX, Testimonials, What's New | 1 comment |

“I was at 30 before with ‘passable’ form (although the last few reps may have broken good form). I was also hurting my neck in the process most of the time. My arms were out to the sides rather than at the 45 degree angle you taught me, and I wasn’t using my lats or glutes, so my back was weak and my shoulders were going up, putting strain on my neck. My form?is entirely different now (much stronger and more stable) and there is zero strain on my neck. Numbers aside, I would say my pushups have been completely transformed (I still want to master a one-armed pushup.)” – Jennifer

Brian Wright Director of Fitness, Sport & Spine Athletics wrote her a 10 week program that had her do strength based 1-arm push-up progressions-3 sets of 3. “Clearly doing more push-ups does not mean you can do more push-ups. Doing fewer, harder, with perfect form added to her overall number, reduced injury risk and gave a great sense of accomplishment!” – Brian Wright

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