James W. – Ft. Washington, MD

by | Mar 6, 2013 | Testimonials, What's New | 1 comment

Dr. Scott,

I truly would like to thank you and your team for how you have taken care of me these past two months. I’ve had a tremendous recovery. Still have a little ways to go, but I’m already 200% better than when I began my treatment and regiment with you and your team.

I would like to personally thank your three rehab specialists, Shellene, Jay, and Mia. These three are wonderful. Each time I’ve come in, I’ve felt progress immediately. Your team of rehab specialist really challenged me, but with gentleness. What I truly admirer is they made me feel that they were truly interested and concerned about my well being. You cannot fake being concerned about a patient the way all three have been concerned about me. I was not just a number. Plus, they allowed me to be silly at times. That’s good for me and my psyche and helps me get through my pain.

Yesterday, March 4, 2013, I came into your office with a setback. I had been jumping on the trampoline with my grandson, and doing push-ups with grandson on my back. Bad mistake on my part. My sciatic nerve said, you want to be stupid will you, and started thumping continuous jolts of pain from my back down to my foot, pain level 5+. I know now not to rush back into my normal routine. I was truly distraught at being in pain again. I was thinking that I will have to do another two months of treatment….

However, yesterday, I was assigned to Mia and she came to my rescue (note that all three have come to my rescue at one point or another). After describing to her what I did, she devised a quick plan, worked me out, and pain was immediately gone before I left the office. I can’t believe what I thought was going to be a long term set back was only a set back of about 48 hours.

Let me close by giving you a heart felt thank you to Sport and Spine Rehab of Fort Washington,

I’m Truly in your debt,

James W.

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