Is Your Posture Causing You Pain and Hurting Your Career?

Is Your Posture Causing You Pain and Hurting Your Career?

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Nearly all of us are guilty of hunching over at our desks while at work.? Are you one of those people who has to squint and lean forward at your computer screen?? Do you roll your shoulders forward as to look almost concave when reading documents?

Because we don?t constantly have a mirror reflecting back at us, many of us are unaware just how poor our posture is.? Some of us may already be experiencing pain in our necks and backs and headaches that result from poor posture.

Poor posture in the workplace can also have a negative effect on your career.? Business Insider reminds us that body language determines how people perceive you.? It is up to you whether you want to exude confidence and optimism or project shyness and a lack of interest.? These judgments may not be fair but they are commonplace in the business world.

A posture screen is a great way to assess your posture and then work with your doctor on addressing your musculoskeletal health.? A posture screen takes just 5 minutes and can expose some life-changing information.


Why is a posture screen important for me?

Many of us are already aware that poor posture leads to headaches and neck and back pain.? Did you know that poor posture also leads to poor breathing?? This causes less oxygen to get to the brain and leaves you feeling tired and fatigued all day.? Sitting hunched over with your legs crossed all day also inhibits circulation and intestinal function.? The way we carry our bodies certainly impacts almost every aspect of our health.? Luckily, the remedy can be easily achieved by working with a qualified doctor.

Working with a chiropractor who uses an integrated approach to treatment can help you gain spinal alignment.? A good doctor will also work with you to strengthen weak muscles and stretch over-active muscles to help you maintain good alignment and stay pain free.

If you have questions or would like to have a doctor come to your office to provide free posture screens, please contact: Lucas Braga, Director of Marketing at [email protected][/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”][vc_column_text]

Correct poor posture and begin living a pain-free life. Schedule an appointment to get seen as soon as today!

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