How to Stay Fit… and SANE… When Working from Home

How to Stay Fit… and SANE… When Working from Home

These days we are fortunate enough to have access to amazing technology that allows for some of us to work from the comfort of our own homes. While this can be very convenient, there are some definite challenges. Aside from the lack of live human interaction, the growing urge to write poetry and bury things in the backyard, and the lack of motivation to wear anything besides sweatpants there is the obvious health risk of never leaving your house, let alone your chair at your desk. As someone who is trying to get back into great shape I have found myself getting up, eating breakfast, sitting down at my desk and then not getting up for ten hours as I become enveloped in my world of work. For the at home employee there seems to always be something for you to do.

After months of struggling and feeling not so healthy and happy I decided to make a change to my life. I started setting alarms at certain times of the day and scheduling myself for 5 minute breaks (sometimes involving music and dancing!). At lunch I would ensure that I went outside and walked around for a half an hour and then ate my food outside or downstairs for a half an hour ? NOT AT MY DESK! I took my work to a local coffee shop one day and worked on a project from there for a few hours and the change of scenery (not to mention the delicious caffeinated beverages) gave my morale and mental state a noticeable boost. I also always keep an exercise ball, two 10 pound dumbbells, a Theraband stability trainer, and a Theraband door anchor with Therabands attached in my office. I have set alarms to go off at various times of the day where I stop what I am doing and I do an exercise for 2- 5 minutes. I work on my posture with Breugger?s or do sit-and-spin to loosen up my back and hips on the Theraball. I even do some strength, balance and resistance training. If I am on a conference call, I will put books or boxes on my desk to raise my laptop and I will stand on the stability trainer. This allows me to still focus on my meeting but I?m working out my core and I?m not just sitting at my desk. I actually find myself listening more intently when I do this. I also take water breaks throughout the day where I have an alarm go off and I get up from my desk and go down and get a glass of water and step outside for 30 seconds to get some fresh air. Thanks to my work from home routine I am sleeping better at night, getting up earlier, and actually putting on real people clothes! I even have been motivated to join a gym and I go there at night and on the weekends as a great way to signal an END to my work day. You can do it to with some easy changes!

Simply set up a few workout stations in your home office, grab your phone and set 3 alarms to go off throughout the day as workout break alarms, and 2 more for water breaks. Take that walk at lunch before you eat and don?t forget to get out of the house every single day at some point whether you take your work with you or it?s an after work gym, pool, hike, bike, or meetup with your friends. Enjoy and best of luck fellow work from homers! Cheers to a healthier, happier us!

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